The Ultimate Vaping Glossary for Beginners

Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette
Vaping glossary
Have you been thinking about making the switch from smoking tobacco to electronic cigarettes? You’re in good company. According to a government-funded study, vaping is on the rise while smoking is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Between 2011 and 2013 the number of young people who’ve picked up vaping has tripled and is quickly on the rise.

Vaping looks like the way of the future for smokers, but shopping for a vape can be pretty intimidating. No two vapes seem to be the same, and they require many different bits and pieces to work. If you want to get a little bit educated before you make your first purchase and dive into the world of vaping, this guide is for you.

You may have heard someone ask what juice you like to smoke, which sounds like total nonsense to the uninitiated. This stuff, also known as “E-Juice” and E-liquid” is what you will be vaping. It creates the harmless vapor you see when you take a drag and exhale. Juice comes in an endless variety of flavors. You can also choose e-juice with different levels of nicotine content, which can be useful especially for smokers trying to taper off their addiction over time.

This is what the vaping community calls any vape that has a battery and various non-disposable components. Some users add different parts to their mods to produce bigger smoke clouds, a stronger hit or to extend the device’s battery live. This type of vape can save someone who smokes a pack a day between $2,000 and $2,300 per year.

If you want to keep a low profile while vaping, a mini might be for you, These are the type of e-cig you can find at the gas station. It looks and feels like an actual tobacco cigarette. They are only slightly heavier than the real deal. The downside of minis is they are nonreusable; their cost can add up fast if you are a heavy smoker.

The vial that contains the e-juice. It also has some material inside to absorb the liquid.

Another important component to any vape, the atomizer heats up the e-juice to produce the vapor. The strength of the draw—or the hit you get when you inhale—will vary based on the wattage of this part. Shop around before you decide what kind of atomizer is best for your needs.

You will need one if you use a vape with a reusable battery.

Drip Tip
This is the bit where you will inhale the vapor from. The mouthpiece can be changed out on some vaporizer models to suit your mouth size and give you the comfort level you want.

Personal Charging Case
You can buy a case for your vape with a built-in charger to give you a boost in battery life while you’re on the go. These are made to fit right on your vape (they resembled the kind of portable batteries you can get for your smartphone) and will also protect them if they take an accidental fall.