The Importance of Matching Your Wedding Dress to Your Venue


There are four reasons to consider when choosing a wedding dress to match your venue. Sometimes these truths are overlooked in the planning stages, but are glaring during the ceremony. With your wedding being one of the most memorable days of your life, getting the perfect dress is important. Here are four important reasons to match your wedding dress to your venue.

The Size of the Dress vs. the Space of the Venue
When shopping for your wedding dress, know the size of your venue. Some venues are smaller than others, and the size of your overall dress will matter. Narrow isles will not accommodate wide cathedral trains. Your dress would smack the seats and your guests as you pass down the isle. Also, a bride in a simple style gown will be lost in the vastness of a grand ballroom. Proportion is key! Choose a gown that will fill the space, and attract the center of attention.

The Coverage of the Dress vs. the Temperature of the Venue
The temperature of your venue will make a big difference in which dress you should choose. If your venue is on the beach and you choose a princess dress, you are going to perspire under all the layers, the last thing you want to do during your wedding. Conversely, if you choose a short trendy dress and the venue is known for it’s air conditioning, you’ll freeze. Choose a dress to match the temperature of your venue for your comfort.

The Drapery of the Dress vs. the Expectations of the Venue
Some venues have expectations of their brides as to how much skin is covered during the ceremony. If you want to use their space for your special day, there are standards to meet. Asking your venue contact, about these requirements before you shop for a dress, will help any future issues to be resolved even before they happen.

The Style of the Dress vs. the Atmosphere of the Venue
Lastly, just for the sake of a fashion faux pas, take care in shopping for your wedding dress. If you care what others think about your choice in attire, seek help matching your dress to the venue. This will increase the compliments, and decrease uncomfortable chatter that is bound to happen.

There are several important reasons your wedding dress needs to match your venue, the space, the temperature, the expectations, and the opinions of others. Meeting these needs will make your special day go more smoothly. You will choose your wedding gown with confidence knowing the dress will meet the practical needs of the venue, and also put a smile on your face!