The Benefits of 3D Printing for Your Business

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3D printing is exciting technology through which computers create three-dimensional objects. While this tech is not yet practical in the home, it’s already prevalent in the business world and actually reshaping many industries. Consider these six benefits that 3D printing can have for your business.

Reduced Costs

3D printing can reduce your costs in a number of ways. It can reduce fixed expenses, such as costs for equipment, labor and materials. It can also help you reduce waste since these techniques only use precisely the raw material required. Many organizations can also reduce travel expenses, expenses related to storage, the costs of materials and so forth.

Save Time 

You can look at saved time as a reduction in costs, but also it helps to consider it as its own resource. If you have a client who needs a product quickly, the speed at which 3D printing can deliver is a big deal. It even encompasses difficult to quantify benefits, such as the goodwill earned with the client.

Competitive Edge

Many businesses are already trying to catch up and many more soon will be. 3D printing can and likely will provide your business a competitive edge. Certainly, all of your competitors will be using it eventually. But you’ll be using it now and thus ahead of the curve. You’ll also be able to stay ahead of the competition by being able to communicate your products better. It also makes it easier to test the mark with ideas that may not warrant all the traditional research.

Reduce Errors 

The rate of errors with 3D printing compared to other manufacturing processes is very low and can near zero. This is thanks in large part to one-step manufacturing processes. It also helps to alleviate risks common to traditional manufacturing, such as faulty prototypes and redesigns.

Production on Demand 

Freedom of design is a great beauty of 3D printing, and makes us look back on what we once considered design freedom in a very different light. You can refine your products fast and with little overhead, and you can manufacture them with the same kind of agility. Products can be individualized to each client with greater ease, and your customer satisfaction will increase.


There is also the matter of intellectual property, which is often overlooked. 3D printing lets you limit the number of third parties involved if not eliminate them altogether. Your designs are your own and safeguarded until they can be properly patented and released to the public.

There are many ways in which businesses can take advantage of 3D printing. Ownership is not the only option. Leasing is an option, and there are many business-facing printing services as well.