Remodel Your Bathroom For Less

Simple Bathroom Remodel Designs Ideas

One of the best projects you can do in your home is to remodel one or more of your bathrooms. Such a project not only will improve your enjoyment of your home, but it also will add significant value. To maximize the value created with your bathroom remodel, you have to keep down the costs. Here are five ways to remodel your bathroom for less.

Don’t move plumbing
Your dream bathroom may put your shower in one new spot and your toilet in another. But if your remodel requires moving plumbing, it is going to get really expensive. To keep your bathroom remodeling costs down, keep your plumbing where it is. Hsving to move water lines or replumb your toilet can add thousands of dollars to your project.

Reuse what you can
Many people’s first instinct when doing a bathroom renovation project is to tear out everything and start from scratch, but doing so is going to make things much more expensive. If your fixtures are in good shape, you should consider keeping them and designing around them. Other items you can keep and reuse include your vanity and lighting.

Use cheaper materials
There is a range of costs for materials used in a bathroom remodel, from tile to fixtures to shower doors. To save money on your remodel, pick materials that are of a lower cost. You don’t necessarily have to pick the cheapest things, just be reasonable and stay away from very high-end stuff. Not only do high-end materials cost more, they actually can blunt the value of your remodel, especially if you do too much customization.

Do a partial remodel
You don’t have to remodel your whole bathroom to make it look nice. Maybe just redoing the floor will give your bathroom a new look. You might just replace the water and light fixtures to improve the look. Instead of replacing a shower, you can have a vinyl insert put in that will completely change the look. All of these things can freshen up your bath without lightening your wallet.

Do some of the work yourself
For a bathroom remodel, you definitely want to leave most of the work to the professionals, especially plumbing. But you can do some of the work yourself to save money. Do your own demo and cleanup work, and you also can choose to do any painting work that needs to be done. Since labor typically is the biggest cost in your remodel, doing some of your own work can save you hundreds of dollars.