Private Air Travel Memberships: What to Know


Private air travel is a mystery to a majority of people. There is a common misconception that traveling in a private jet is reserved for the very wealthy who can afford their own planes. This general attitude has kept countless people relying solely on commercial airlines for their travel purposes. Despite all of the flaws and hassle related to this form of travel, people still don’t even consider that there may be an alternative. Private jets can be chartered just like a yacht or any other form of vehicle. Here are a few things that everyone should know about private air travel memberships and how to use them.

1. You don’t have to own a jet. 

Private air travel isn’t strictly reserved for those people who can afford their own planes. Celebrities, politicians and business magnates are automatically associated with this form of travel and have diluted the meaning of private air travel. In reality, everyone is eligible to travel privately. You don’t have to own a jet in order to achieve this kind of travel.

2. There are no special requirements. 

Obtaining a private air travel membership is quick and easy. There are no superfluous requirements that need to be met. As with any other service or product, the cost is the only barrier for entry. You don’t have to be famous, wealthy or even wearing a suit in order to be eligible for a private air travel membership. While these characteristics may not hurt, they are certainly not required.

3. Most of these memberships work with cards. 

Many people don’t even know that private air travel memberships are an option. For this reason, it is important to explain how a majority of these memberships function. Private jet memberships typically operate on a card basis similar to credit cards or commercial airline memberships. Each private jet company offers their own deals, packages and special discounts to users. However, there are some similarities within their offerings. For example, nearly all private jet members pay on an hourly basis to fly to a destination. It is important to consider multiple different memberships before deciding on one.

4. Flying in winter may cost extra. 

While flying in private jets may come with a host of luxuries and special amenities, there are some downsides to this form of travel as well. One of the most important things to know is that flying private in the winter can cost travelers extra. On commercial airlines, the de-icing process isn’t charged to the passengers. Instead, airlines will incur the cost and accept it as part of flying year round. With private jet memberships however, flyers will have to pay extra to have their jet de-iced. This is important to remember when factoring in an overall budget.