How-to Save Money on Your Monthly Health & Beauty Aids Bill

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Health and beauty aids are necessary, but sometimes they can seem outrageously expensive. Saving money on them doesn’t have to be too hard, if you’re willing to do a little work and perhaps a little research. Here are some ways you can save money on your monthly health and beauty aids bill.

Join membership programs

If you buy your health and beauty products at drugstores, many offer membership programs. These programs usually get you a percentage back of what you spend on included items that you can then use as cash on future purchases at the store. This may not save you money on every purchase, but the savings builds and, depending on how much you spend, can amount to quite a discount on a future purchase.

Buy refills instead of new

New is nice. It’s pretty, shiny, and unblemished. You’re also paying for all that. When you find a product that works and they offer refills that you can simply insert into the container you already have, it can save you a significant amount of money.

Use coupons

Pick up a copy of the Sunday paper or peruse the pages of an online coupon site to find coupons for your favorite health and beauty products. These coupons can be good for months, so you can save good ones even if you don’t need the particular product just yet.

Consider store brands

When you find a particular foundation or blush that works for you, changing brands usually isn’t an option. But for many products, the store brand works just as well as its name brand equivalent. Items like cotton swabs, balls and pads, nail clippers and files, tweezers, over-the-counter medications, makeup remover, body wash, or even bubble bath can all work just as well in a generic store brand as they do in name brand form, for a fraction of the cost.

Shop online and in bulk

Many health and beauty products can be purchased online. Online shopping can often be cheaper than purchasing in a physical store. Additionally, many times you can purchase items in bulk that you know you’ll go through quickly, such as toilet paper, tissues, or deodorant. Buying in bulk almost always results in a discount over the individual item’s price.

Be healthy

Beauty really does come from the inside out, and by eating healthy, exercising, and reducing stress, you can improve your overall health and appearance, and reduce the need for some health and beauty products to save money.

When you’re trying to save money on health and beauty aids, it may seem impossible. If you know how and where to shop, and which items are worth splurging on, it’s easier than you think.