How-to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom


It is not always possible to expand a bathroom to accommodate all of your dreams. However, this does not mean that a small bathroom cannot be stylish and appear larger that it is. Maximize the space with these great ideas and that once cramped feeling will soon fade away.

Oval Sinks 

Oval sinks can provide more counter space due to the shape. They can also be sized to take up less depth for a vanity or floating counter. If using a vanity, consider one with sliding doors instead of opening doors outward. An open space below the sink can be made elegant with sliding wicker baskets and open shelving. Oval sinks also create a softer and warmer tone.


A large window can take up a lot of needed wall space in a small bathroom. Instead of throwing a long curtain over this opening, use the light as a tool to make the room appear bigger. Place a vanity in front of the window and hang a large oval mirror that covers much of the open window space. Doors or drawers on the vanity will provide extra storage. Light will drift in around the open window spaces, plus your privacy will be protected.

Alcoves and Wall Indents 

Recessed open wall spaces serve a dual purpose. They give you added storage space for items that are always within reach and they present a way to add a touch of decoration. Alcoves have a rounded top, but any type of wall insert will do. These are simple to make if one of the walls shares a closet on the other side.

Wall-Mounted Faucet 

A faucet can take up critical space when working with a small bathroom. By using a wall-mounted faucet you can make your sink and counter narrower. This will add to the square footage of your room and add a sophisticated look.

Vertical Space 

Use every inch of your wall space as an opportunity to add storage. A bookshelf above the door, vertical racks or climbing towel racks are a few ideas to add an extra bit of space to a small bathroom. Think of every dead area that you have, like walls above the toilet or wall space surrounding a vanity, and utilize.

Always keep the square footage space in mind when working with a small bathroom. For instance, do not invest in a larger vanity to gain drawer space. Work to decrease the size of the fixtures and go from there.