How to Make Sure Your HVAC Unit is Ready for Summer

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Now that temperatures are on the rise, people from around the nation are turning on air conditioning units to beat the summer heat. If you plan to do the same and don’t want to run into unneeded problems along the way, make sure your HVAC unit is in the best possible shape before you begin. Doing so stops you from spending too much on your energy bill and keeps your unit running well. The following tips will point you in the right direction and let you move forward with confidence.

Check Your Filters

Checking your filters is one of the top ways to keep your HVAC unit in good shape all year. Over time, dust and other particles will collect in the filters and clog them, making it much harder for your unit to do its job. Having clogged filters will skyrocket your energy bill unless you address the problem right away. If your filters look dirty, clean or replace them to prevent future issues from taking place. You will be thrilled when you see the effect this small step can have on the performance of your HVAC unit.

Listen for Strange Noises

Depending on how long you have had your HAVC unit, you know how it sounds when running properly. Any unusual sounds you hear could be a sign that something is wrong or out of place. If your HVAC unit is louder than normal, you could have damaged components on your hands that need fast attention. You should also pay attention to the amount of time your unit runs each day if you don’t want to lose money.

Fans that always blow could indicate you have leaks in your vents that make it much harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Fixing leaks at the first sign of trouble is much cheaper than overlooking the problem and pretending it does not exist.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Many people choose between coming back to a hot home and leaving their HAVC unit running all day. If you don’t want to make that choice, install a programmable thermostat to reach your goal and achieve peace of mind. Programmable thermostats run on a timer and will activate before you return home, and you will enjoy the results each time you walk through the door.
Taking a few steps will ensure that your HVAC system is ready to provide you with a comfortable temperature during the summer and the rest of the year. In addition to keeping your home at the right temperature, you will even save a lot of money over the long run and know you have done the right thing.