How to improve your memory


Poor memory and memory lapse is a common problem for most people today. It was once believed that the older you get the weaker your memory becomes but these days it’s not the case anymore. Poor memory is caused by different factors related to lifestyle. It is thus difficult to understand how the memory works if you rarely pay attention to the tiny details in your lifestyle that slow down your memory growth. Here are some things that can massively improve your memory over time;

Practice a healthy lifestyle
Research today has shown that memory is not an isolated body part but a function of the brain. The food you eat greatly influences Nueroplasticity. Fresh fruits and animal omega 3 are strongly recommended. Research shows that people who observe the Mediterranean diet have a higher memory. Though as much as a generally good diet is helpful, it also good to know and emphasize on foods specifically known to improve memory. Drinking enough water for the day also keeps your brain hydrated thus avoiding brain shrinkage which adversely affects your memory.

Exercise regularly
Exercising optimizes our brain capacity to work by stimulating multiplication of nerve cells. It also improves blood flow to the brain thus ensuring optimum brain functioning. Research has indicated that people who do more exercise have a better memory than those who don’t.

Brain games
This can do wonders for your memory. Practicing playing computer games, puzzles, Sudoku, chess, brain yoga and other brain games improve the ability of your brain overwhelming. Be it short term or long term memory these games will do. Try the shopping game where you memorize all the shopping items and write them down with their order. Compare your memory list with the original list. This builds your short term and long term memory and with time you’ll realize it helps

Engage your mind in learning activities
One benefit of the internet today is that it has brought information closer to us and we can learn anything from it. Learning is not only meant for social or practical use but also for health benefits. It keeps your brain active which improves its memory. As
Albert Einstein once said “when you stop learning you start dying,” the brain plays a major role in that. Things like music, playing a musical instrument are also known to improve your memory and increase concentration.

Improving your memory is not a difficult task but requires determination and patient since it’s not a thing you get medication for. It is a process that requires time to time evaluation. By these tips, be sure to improve your memory.