A Guide To Making Your Clothes Last Longer Than a Season


Your clothing is expensive, so it is important to make it last more than one season. With the proper care, you can have garments that last for many years. Use these tips to help your garments last longer.

Clothing Tip 1: Separate Your Garments Before the Laundering Process 

When you are washing or drying garments, separate the items by color to avoid having damage from dyes. Don’t wash a light blue shirt with your dark blue denim jeans because the dyes from jeans will leach onto the shirt, ruining its appearance. In addition, you should separate garments according to the temperature setting that you plan to use. You may want to wash your undergarments and socks in hot water to eliminate pathogens, but you shouldn’t wash a dress in hot water.

Clothing Tip 2: Wash By Hand or In a Washing Machine? 

It is acceptable to wash some clothing in a washing machine because the fabrics and embellishments are durable. However, you won’t want to wash a silk slip in the washer, and you also want to place a lacy blouse in the washer. You should wash certain items in cool water in the sink while other garments can go into the washing machine.

Clothing Tip 3: Air-dry or Hot Dryer? 

If you have garments that are made from sensitive fabrics, then it is a good idea to air-dry the clothing. You can place a garment on a plastic hanger so that it will dry, but you can also use a specialized drying rack that holds multiple items. Placing the garment near a blowing air vent or window can help it to dry faster, but you can also use a circulating fan to dry several items.

Clothing Tip 4: Prepare Garments Before Washing the Items 

First, clean the pockets of garments so that you can remove tissues, coins or ink pens. In many cases, it is better to turn a garment inside out to protect its outer layer. Experts recommend turning blue jeans and corduroy garments to the inside to protect the fabric. It is also a good idea to close the zippers and buttons on garments to protect the clothing from damage.

Clothing Tip 5: Choose the Right Types Of Cleansers

Never use regular chlorine bleach on clothing that is dark because it will remove the dyes or make ugly stains. Some white garments also have care labels that tell you not to use bleach because it can damage the fabric. In addition, use caution when trying to remove a stain with a stain-removing chemical because it can ruin the garment. Choose a mild detergent to wash your clothing, but make sure to use the correct amount.