9 Tricks to Dressing Comfortably When Traveling

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Traveling, whether by car or plane, can leave a lot to be desired these days. With long security lines, traffic troubles, and the distinct lack of general decorum in public traveling can easily turn into a long day filled with hassles and annoyances. Here will give you some tips on how to make sure your own clothes aren’t one of the many problems you’ll have to face when traveling.

9. Use Your Ace

Everyone has at least one magic piece of clothing that they love and adore. Yoga pants that you’ve purchased five pairs of, a t-shirt that always looks just right, no matter how dirty, or those jeans that just understand your body; this is what you should be looking for when planning your travel outfit. Whatever this piece of clothing is that you love, use it to build the rest of your travel outfit.

8. Leave the Heavy Metal at Home

Metallic threads in fabrics, underwire bras, belts, heavy key chains or metal jewelry can all cause problems while in the security line at the airport. Furthermore, many of them will become uncomfortable if you have to wear them for, say, 10 hours sitting in a car on a drive from Chicago to New York.

7. Sock it to Them

Do not underestimate the power of socks when dressing for a long day of traveling. Even if you wear the kind of secret socks that can’t be seen outside of your shoes, they will still give your feet enough protection that you won’t be grossed out walking through security. You’ll also be able to confidently slip your shoes off in a cab, a car, or a plane.

6. Think on Your Feet

A long day in the airport could require running or walking, so choose your footwear with comfort in mind. Now almost everyone is required to take off their shoes in the security line, so you’ll want something that you can slip on and off, so as not to hold up the line.

5. Don’t go Too Casual

While you do want to be comfortable, you don’t want to go too far into pajama territory. Part of being comfortable while traveling is being confident in your look. While yoga pants, leggings, and athleisure wear have all become acceptable for traveling, try to stay away from items that read as obvious pajamas, like flannel pants.

4. Plan Ahead

Planning your outfit ahead of time can ensure that you have all the necessary components ready to go on the day of your trip. You can also make sure that your carry-on is packed with items you might need en route, like tissues, eye drops, hand sanitizer and anything else.

3. Extra Fabric Always Comes in Handy

A scarf, hat or long sweater is can always double as a blanket, a headscarf or, in really dire cases, a napkin. You will never be sorry that you topped off your travel outfit with one of these, and when you arrive at your destination

2. Dress in Layers

A t-shirt under a sweater under a jacket is a good plan of attack. You might not get the kind of weather you expected when you get to your destination, and planes, airports, and other people’s cars can be alternately hot, stuffy, cold, or drafty. Wearing several layers allows you to adjust to whatever the environment throws at you.

1. Start From the Underwear Up

The most important layer is your underwear. If your undercarriage isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t matter what you put over it, you won’t be comfortable. Wear a comfortable set of underwear that you know won’t pinch, poke, or cut into you while traveling. Just to be safe, pack another pair in your carry-on, along with a toothbrush, in case your luggage decides to make an extra excursion without you.