9 Important Reasons To Do Bodyweight Training


Many fitness enthusiasts would argue that you need weights to achieve a great workout. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, but despite this fact, many people making working out much more complicated than it needs to be. The reality is that bodyweight exercises are great for achieving gains in health, flexibility and strength.

One of the greatest benefits of bodyweight exercises is that they don’t cost any money. Unlike exercises performed with weights, bodyweight exercises can be performed anywhere, so you never have an excuse to skip a workout. There are at least nine great reasons to do bodyweight training.

Burn Fat

This is the main reason why most people start exercising. Fortunately, a few minutes of bodyweight training can have a massive impact on your metabolism and help you lose weight. Bodyweight training can also stimulate the after-burn effect, which is the body’s way of burning fat long after a workout.

Efficient Workouts

If burning fat isn’t a good enough motivator, there is always the fact that bodyweight training is efficient. As long as your workout is intense, it can provide significant fitness gains, and since you never have any weights to carry around, you can quickly transition between different bodyweight workouts. For optimal results, you can even incorporate HIIT workouts into your bodyweight training.

Always Challenging

Another great reason to start bodyweight training is because it’s always challenging. Your current fitness level is irrelevant. If the exercises start to become too easy, all you have to do is modify them. You can perform extra reps or increase the speed. You can even use shorter breaks to increase the challenge.

Enjoy Cardio and Strength Gains

The neat thing about bodyweight training is that it gives you the best of both worlds. You can make gains in raw strength while also increasing the strength of your cardiovascular system. For optimal results, you can perform fast cardio sessions between your strength movements.

Better Flexibility

Inflexible joints and tight muscles can really give you a hard time. Bodyweight training is great for building strength, but you can also use it to gain better flexibility. As long as you complete bodyweight exercises using a full range of motion, you can increase the flexibility of your joints.

Improved Balance

Resistance training is great for increasing strength, but it’s also effective for improving balance. Since bodyweight training is actually a type of resistance training, it strengthens the tendons and joints, which results in better balance. Functional movements, such as the squat, also help to improve balance through increased body control and awareness.

No Excuses

People who train with weights have a great way to get out of a workout. All they have to do is make sure they’re somewhere where training with weights isn’t possible. When you train with bodyweight exercises, you never have an excuse to skip training, which means you’ll stay more consistent and have a much better chance to succeed with your fitness goals.

Stronger Core

Your core is an important part of your body. It’s responsible for keeping you balanced while you exercise. Everyone can benefit from a stronger core, and you can’t say you don’t want some six-pack abs. Bodyweight training is an excellent way to build better core strength, which makes it easier to perform every type of exercise.

Endless Entertainment

Lifting weights can get boring. Bodyweight training gives you variety, so you can always keep your workouts exciting and new. Most people are far more likely to stick with their fitness goals when the workouts are fun. Running on the treadmill can get boring.