9 Advantages of Choosing a Career in ABA Therapy


When it comes to choosing a career, ABA Therapy offers you a path that is highly rewarding in terms of helping others. Applied Behavioral Analysis aims to promote behaviors and learning that are helpful for the patient. You might be asking what the advantages are in choosing a career in this field. Here are nine of them to help you decide.

1. You may be helping autistic children
As one of the evidence-based therapies that works with autistic children, you will have an opportunity to make a positive impact.

2. You have a choice of jobs with this degree
Some of the jobs you can access once you have your ABA degree include:

  • Special education assistant
  • Psychological assistant
  • Counselor
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • Social Work

3. Job security is another reason.
Demand for ABA therapists has continued to rise, as the number of children with autism has increased. Schools, clinics, government and social services agencies will all need the help of therapists with this training.

4. You may be helping older adults cope with aging
According to Psychology Today, memory strength and a person’s relationships may be strengthened by this type of therapy.

5. You can set goals and outcomes
You will feel a sense of accomplishment as goals are reached. You may be working with others, such as counselors and teachers. Each day will be different, challenging and exciting as goals are reached.

6. You can make a difference
Whether you are working with children or adults, you can expect to make a positive difference in their lives as well as in society, as these patients learn to navigate and cope. Families are also impacted positively with better relationships by their family member who experiences ABA therapy.

7. Your schedule is under your control
Some work the school day, while others have afternoon, weekend or evening appointments.
8. You might be working in the community
While some ABA therapists work in schools, others work in the community, taking patients to explore public places while improving their social skill set.

9. You will have a chance to change lives
Careers in ABA Therapy make a positive contribution to society. They give you flexibility in your schedule while providing a rewarding career.

These are the nine advantages of this career. Choosing a career in ABA Therapy offers much to those who enjoy working with children or older adults. The rewards are great, and you and your community will benefit as well as your patients.