8 Tips for Buying Workout Clothes With Function and Fashion Appeal


When it comes to workout clothes, looking great might not be at the top of your list. Today, however, there are so many fashionable, functional styles of athletic wear that it makes sense to upgrade. If you love your workout wear, you’ll be much more likely to hit the gym after work. Here are eight tips to try when shopping for workout clothes with style.

1. Go for Neutrals
The most attractive workout pieces fit comfortably into your wardrobe; think pieces you can take from the treadmill to the street. According to Vogue, that means shopping for muted colors and patterns, such as nudes, taupes, grays, dark blues, and charcoals. These have a more fashionable feel than the typical brights and neons.

2. Look for Function
Although tights are a staple of both workout and streetwear, that doesn’t mean the same pair is interchangeable. For working out, choose running pants that feature compression and fit like a second skin. These items breathe well and repel moisture while allowing you to move easily.

3. Choose Shapes that Flatter
While skintight leggings are a popular choice, they aren’t your only option. For a more balanced look that flatters all figures, try a style that flares slightly at the hems.

4. Shop for the Season
Staying on trend when it comes to workout clothes means updating every so often. Not only should you be shopping for different fabrics depending on the season, you can also try out the latest styles, colors, and patterns. For example, color blocking is hot for summer.

5. Layer on Style
Style blog Who What Wear notes that the layered look, as seen on celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, keeps you cool, covered, and on point. Try a sports bra with an interesting strap arrangement paired with a loose tank.

6. Pick Iconic Sneakers
While you want to choose shoes that will support your feet depending on your workout of choice, stylish sneakers will add a pop of cool-girl flair. Bright-red, old school Reeboks are one current favorite of fashion editors.

7. Add Support
The right sports bra is an essential component of any workout ensemble. Choose bright colors and patterns that can peek out and add interest.

8. Forget the Accessories
While usually fashion needs a bauble or two, your workout outfit is one exception. Hanging jewelry can distract you from your workout as well as create a hazard.