8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Answering Service


In today’s everything-online world, justifying the addition of an answering service can appear to be a tougher call from the outside looking in. But when you drop the mindset of a business owner and put on the hat of a prospect or current customer, the picture often starts to shift.

In this post, learn about 8 key reasons why your business needs an answering service and how it will help improve sales and reputation.

Reason #1: Because first impressions last a long, long time.
While some solopreneurships and very small businesses may be able to get away with having one person on call with a cell phone, this sets you up for listening to and responding to a lot of voice mail.

And you won’t ever know who you missed talking with because getting voice mail was off-putting.

Reason #2: Because you will have an in-house record of incoming calls.
With a call log you can refer back to, you always have written proof of what took place during business hours. This can be important for employee reviews, customer complaints and audits.

Reason #3: Because you can save money on receptionist services.
When you switch from a traditional receptionist setup to an answering service, you typically only pay for the time your phones get busy. So you have a far better way to control your overhead costs.

Reason #4: You look – and sound – legitimate.
If you are going to offer phone service and support, you should do it right so that you sound like a legitimate, successful business. An answering service conveys this much better than a cell phone voice email service.

Clearly your company has the means to conduct a professional operation, and customers will be more likely to trust you because of it.

Reason #5: You can expand and your answering service will grow with you.
Digital answering service technology has infinite growth potential – just like you do. If you suddenly strike customer gold, you can expand rapidly with no outward signs of growing pains.

Reason #6: Your answering service will be trained to provide courteous, prompt, respectful service.
Whether the person on the other end is a grateful customer or an irritated one, you can count on your answering service to provide the same high quality customer support for every call.

Reason #7: You can use your time to grow your business.
There is a certain opportunity cost per hour attached to your own time. When you use an answering service to handle incoming calls, this frees you up to use your valuable time and expertise to grow your business.

Reason #8: Your answering service can also handle other routine tasks.
If you need appointments scheduled and confirmed, questions answered or routine administrative phone tasks completed, your answering service can also handle these tasks for you, freeing up staff time for other matters.