8 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Trendy


You can transform your home with trendy new updates without breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage. With simple paint changes, new fixtures, and decorative accessories and art, your home can get the facelift it needs to look fresh and hip enough to impress your most discerning friends and family members. The challenge is to select the ideas that fit well with your lifestyle and budget. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options.

1. Combine black and white together for a heightened fashion statement. One way to add black and white into your home without buying new furniture is to select accessories or wall art to dramatize black or white walls or furniture pieces you already have. While using black and white is nothing new, using large patterns or broad stripes definitely embodies a contemporary flavor sure to pack a trendy fashion punch.

2. Use copper and gold accessories for added warmth to any room. While these finishes have been out of favor for a few years, thrift stores and attics are a sure bet for finding inexpensive pieces to modernize your home.

3. Add a splash of strategic color with pastels. According to Better Homes and Gardens, this new trend is worth trying. While the idea of pinks and blues might conjure up images of a newborn’s decor, there is no reason to completely ditch them as fashionable choices for your home. Mixing pastels in a stylish way with wall art or furniture combined in striking combinations can breathe life into a room in need of CPR. Nothing brightens up a room like pastel colors.

4. Incorporate bold patterns in rugs, wallpaper and accessories for sprucing up any room of the house.

5. Buy interesting and unique statement mirrors for bathrooms, where it is often difficult to make affordable changes.

6. Add wallpaper into the decorating mix. Wallpaper is back with a vengeance as an affordable way to remake a room.

7. Go with tribal and pop art patterns. Pillows and rugs are not to be discounted as one of the cheapest and best ways to refashion a space. Tribal prints and pop art accents are showing up in homes across the country. Polka dots and swirls of color add a touch of whimsy to any setting.

8. Bring those outdoor fabrics inside. According to Houzz, outdoor fabrics are turning up indoors. Given the durable nature of outdoor fabrics, it is no surprise that consumers are using them in high-traffic areas inside the house.

While it is easy enough for anyone to invest a large portion of money to replace appliances and furniture to keep up with trends, spending a fortune is not necessary. You do not have to gut your home for a pricey remodel project to make s huge impact. By selecting new accessories or some interesting paint colors, anyone can transform their home into a trendy nest worthy of admiration. All this type of project requires is some imagination and research.