8 Home Interior Design Ideas That Simply Inspire


Our homes are more than just a square structure built of wood, mortar, and brick. They are living sanctuaries which embrace us and block the quagmire of the outside world. Even though the atmosphere of your home gives you and your family the stability you need, homes are never truly static. Interior design is ever changing and you can choose the look that is right for you. Designing experts often look to the colors and textures of nature for the best designs. Here are eight different home interior design ideas to inspire you:

1. Make Small Spaces Seem Larger

Interior decorators often use the same tricks that magicians use to fool the eyes. If you want to make a smaller space seem larger, consider painting the room a lighter color. Darker colors can make a room look smaller than it actually is. Another old trick that decorators use is strategic placement of large mirrors. Their reflections give the room a spacious, airy feel.

2. Fresh Paint

Speaking of paint, one of the cheapest way to give any room a new look is with paint. If you stick with lighter neutrals, you can change your décor anytime you like without needing to paint again. If your heart is set on a bolder color, try using it for one wall. If you decide you do not like it, then it is a whole lot easier to repaint one wall than a whole room. Websites like HGTV.com have excellent advice for color schemes.

3. De-clutter Your Space

Even the most beautiful furniture and décor in the world will not complement a room that is filled with clutter. If you clear out your space and find new ways to store things, you may be surprised at what a beautiful place you already have. When it comes to accessories, less is always best. A clutter-free room also clears your mind and lets you appreciate the pretty things around you.

4. Light Up Your Life

Restaurants and stores knew a long time ago that lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a room. If you are thinking of redecorating a room, evaluate the room’s lighting. Different layers of lighting can let you create the ambiance you want. You may consider hanging lights, small table lamps, and lovely candles. Some people install a dimmer on their main light switch to change the lighting.

5. Update Your Furniture

If you plan on buying new furniture, be sure to stick with classic designs with clean lines and neutral fabrics. That zebra-print lounge chair may look good for a while; however, you may regret it if you change your decoration schemes. Of course, not everyone has the money to slap down for new furniture. Want a new look for your furniture without breaking the bank? You can buy heavy-duty slip covers in the colors you want. They are easy to wash and put right back on again.

6. It’s A Decorating Revolution!

Like fashion, our tastes are always revolving. You may buy a fabulous painting today and then wonder what you were thinking within a year or so. You also may have a problem with displaying all the pieces to a beloved collection. Just do like museums do! Put out a few beautiful things at a time and store the rest. When you want a new look, bring out other things and put the older ones away. This little trick lets you enjoy a variety without having to buy a bunch of new things.

7. On the Border

If you really like a special wallpaper border, be sure that it is one that is easily removed. When you have different decorating ideas in the future, you will not have to spend days and lots of effort removing it.

8. Do It By the Book

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect look that you want for a room? Try looking at current decorating books and magazines. You can also go to websites like BHG.com for fresh inspiration. Above all else, decorate with your heart and surround yourself with the beautiful things you love.