8 Fashionable Items to Wear at the Office


You want to look professional and competent at your job, but you also want to look attractive. The way you look in the workplace speaks volumes about you and your commitment. There are several items that you can wear that will meet all criteria and even look great after hours. These include:

A Gray Cardigan
This comfortable wardrobe staple will look great with jeans, skirts, and dress pants. It is perfect for cooler weather and inside those office areas where it is always a little cool or chilly.

Black Pants
These is a fashion piece that no one can do without. It dresses up or down as the occasion demands. A simple tee and wedge sandals will take you to a employee sporting event, and a satin blouse with pearls and heels will look perfect at that important meeting or at a company cocktail party.

Black Flats
These are the ultimate in comfort. If you have job where you are constantly on the move, these are a great addition. They match just about anything and can be worn year-round. Buy other colors as needed for even more impact.

A Black Blazer
There are so many styles of these short jackets that will make you outfits come alive. Tuxedo style, belted, double-breasted, and more can be found in every department store in town. It will keep you warm and comfortable in cooler weather, and look great with your other fashion essentials.

A Pencil Skirt
A simple pencil skirt in a traditional color such as navy, camel, black or gray can be worn with many different tops and footwear. It can be dressed up or down as the occasion demands, and can be purchased either long or short.

All this black in your closet needs some brightening up. Purchase scarves in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and styles for an instant update to any look. Wear with jackets, tops, and even dresses.

A variety of short and tall boots will provide a new look for your standard pieces. They can be worn with flair and pizzazz in the office, the boardroom, and to the after-hours meetings and look fantastic with both pants and short and long skirts.

Short-Sleeved and Sleeveless Tops
You never know if it will be hot or cold in your office space, so be sure to stock up on brightly colored, plain, and pastel tops that can be worn with either your cardigan or jacket. If you get too warm, you can always remove the outer clothing for more comfort.

These essentials will all blend together and provide you with days and days of fresh and interesting outfits. You will never get bored with these clothing items and can add to them occasionally to provide new and interesting looks to your everyday workplace fashion. It is so much easier and fascinating to decide on what to wear to work instead of what not to wear to your job.