7 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Child for Wearing Braces


Most people consider the need for braces as bad news, and children are not any different. When children discover that they have to wear braces, it seems like a massive nightmare for them. That is why it is not only important to choose the right doctor and right braces, but it is also vital to prepare the child for the challenges and the rewards. In this article, you will learn how to prepare your child for braces.

1. Information 

The first step is to inform your child. The amount of information you will give to your child depends on the age and personality. Once you explain to your child, they tend to get less scared because the whole procedure is for their good. Team up with the doctor and ensure everything is well-explained to the child.

2. Invite to decisions. 

When making the final decisions regarding the braces, involve your child. Keep in mind that the braces will go into your child’s mouth and not yours. Therefore, if there are a variety of braces within your budget, let your child select what he or she wants. You can ask the doctor to give you advice on how to make the braces more personal.

3. Routine changes are coming. 

Braces come with changes for your child. Your child needs to learn how to clean the braces. Since they are challenging to clean, it means your child has to wake up earlier than usual so that they can find some more time to clean the braces. Before your child gets used to cleaning the braces, stand by their side as they do it.

4. Diet changes.

Your child has to begin eating braces-friendly foods. Such foods are easier to chew and clean afterward. To help your child adjust to the diet changes, change the diet days before they get the braces. The diet change will be gradual instead of sudden.

5. Clear goal. 

It is difficult for parents to make their young children to think about the future. Therefore, it is vital to explain to your child the long-term benefits of wearing braces regularly. Get before and after images of people who have used braces before and show them to your child. When your child starts feeling down about their braces, explain to them the benefits.

6. Help your child deal with the pain. 

Once your child gets braces, he or she is likely to experience some discomfort. During this period, you should help your child deal with the pain. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child takes the prescribed medicine and does everything the doctor instructed to recover quickly.

7. Schedule a cleaning before going to the orthodontist.

For the braces to attach correctly, your child’s teeth have to be clean. Get an appointment for the teeth to get cleaned. Ensure your child brushes and flosses the teeth before going for the cleaning appointment. Once the teeth are clean, there will be no plaque or food particles.

There will be times when your child will have to surrender some meals because of braces. When that happens, you need to remind the child that the braces are there to make their teeth look better and become stronger.