7 Common Car Detailing Mistakes


Vehicle owners pride themselves on the appearance of their automobiles. Countless hours are spent on sunny days washing and detailing their cars. Many people like to do this task themselves, but there are some that prefer taking their vehicle to the nearest car wash or detail shop. People have been known to wash their vehicles two or three times per week without fail. Getting a coat of wax with every wash adds bragging rights to vehicle ownership. Sometimes mistakes are made that are unknown to everyone. Taking heed to these common errors could add years to the body of the vehicle.

  • The first mistake is washing the vehicle directly in the sun. The soap and water dries very quickly leaving water spots on the vehicle. A shaded area is better for detailing the auto.
  • The wheels and tires are usually cleaned last when washing the car. They should be done first to eliminate more dirt that could splatter back on the car from washing the tires.
  • Some people like to pour wax directly onto the vehicle. This is not a good practice. The wax may not get poured evenly, and some areas may have too much wax that could cause a waxy build up.
  • Using a window cleaner that contains ammonia can be damaging to a vehicle. An ammonia-based window cleaner can splash or spill on the car dashboard or upholstery and either stain or damage it. Instead of household window cleaner use one that is especially for autos.
  • When you stand back and take a look at your freshly waxed vehicle you may see streaks or uneven waxing. This is due to putting too much wax on your auto. It only needs one coast to be the primer, and a second coat to be the protectant. Adding more coats of wax will only come off when the auto is buffed, and leave those streaks.
  • Many people like to use chamois cloths for frying off the vehicles. A cotton towel is best for this because chamois movers the water, and sometimes dirt, around on the vehicle, and this could leave streaks, scratches, or swirls on the finished auto.
  • Some people are tempted to remove a particle of dirt with their drying cloth. This is a mistake because that little piece of dirt can get caught on the towel and scratch other areas of the vehicle when continuing to dry.

Try to avoid these car washing and detailing mistakes, prolong the luster of your paint and enjoy the beauty of your vehicle.