6 Wedding Dress Trends to Look Out for in 2017


On the 2017 bridal runway, shoulders bared, shirts slimmed down and long trains were cut off. The latest trends are simple, sleek and sexy. Glimpses of the 1980’s appeared with off the shoulder and spaghetti strap designs, and experiments were conducted with Victorian looks. Overall, it was a victory for wearable art, because the 2017 wedding dresses are fashionable and very wearable.

Sleek Tulle and Lace

Tulle and lace create a romantic dress with skirts of silky and sheer fabric. These light and airy wedding dresses feature layers of transparent fabrics decorated with embroidery and lace. Rather than feeling heavy with broad skirts and long trains, this boudoir-inspired look is slim and sexy while remaining feminine and free.

Trouser Suits

Not all the 2017 wedding dress styles are dresses. In her recent article, Ruth La Ferla said, “. . . trouser suits stepped in for the conventional floor-sweeping gown . . .”. Perhaps inspired by Hillary Clinton’s personal stylist, bridal designers are opting for an elegant lady’s suit over an ornate ballgown.

Retro Victorian

While the fabrics remain lacy and light, another hot trend is a return to the Victorian era with starched collars, conservative necklines, long fitting sleeves and layers upon layers of ruffles. In contrast to the more bohemian and feminist looks, this trend recalls an age of prim and proper ladies fashion.

Minimalist Design

Traditionally, the most ornate and grandiose of all dresses, the hottest runway styles for 2017 use simple and clean lines. Long trains, elaborate beadwork and full skirts are out of style, and simple and classic cuts are in. As Susan Carpenter said in her fashion review, “Ostentation is out, minimalism is in.”

Easy to Wear

Fashion as a whole has been getting lighter, more comfortable and easier to wear for a couple hundred years now. An advance is finally being made on one of the last holdouts of stiff, uncomfortable and difficult to wear fashion, wedding attire. With simple lines, practical designs, light fabrics and fewer embellishments, the 2017 designs are more comfortable and practical than traditional dresses.

Bare Shoulders

The new erogenous zone for this season’s bridal fashion is the shoulder. Off-the shoulder, no shoulder and spaghetti strap designs are runway favorites. Dresses that did cover the shoulders frequently did so with lace or transparent fabric.

Wedding fashion, like all fashion, moves in cycles. Different looks come and go with and seasons, years and eras. While it was interesting to see the prim Victorian look make a comeback, my sincere hope it that the stylish, sexy and wearable designs of 2017 make a lasting impression on future bridal designs.