6 Tips for Packing Like a Minimalist (to move)

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Moving is always stressful, and packing up your things is an integral part of moving. However, moving is actually one of the best opportunities you have to simplify and declutter your life. Use these six tips to pack like a minimalist as you prepare to move.

1. Consider What You Really Need

The first step to consolidating all the stuff in your life is to consider what you really need. If you never plan to use it again or don’t really want to keep an item, it’s time to consider getting rid of it. If you are reluctant or indecisive about what you should keep and what you shouldn’t, consider having a friend or a family member help you.

2. Get Rid Of Stuff

Next, you have to actually get rid of some things. You can do this by¬†selling them, donating them, throwing them away or giving them to someone else. See if your friends and family want anything. Something you have might be sentimental to them, and they will give it a good home so you don’t have to look after it anymore. Selling your old stuff will also give you a nice financial cushion when starting life in your new home.

3. Be Organized

You won’t be able to pack like a minimalist by just throwing everything that will fit into a box or bag. Instead, be organized in your packing. Keeping an inventory of your things as you pack them can be helpful. Label your boxes and be sure everything is packed securely.

4. Fit It All Into One Vehicle

One way to control the amount of stuff you are bringing with you is to limit the amount of space you have to move it in. For example, if you rent a truck, limit yourself to only bringing as much as can fit into that truck. This forces you to move with only the essentials.

5. Plan To Buy New Furniture

If you have old furniture or don’t want to bother moving it, it might be better to simply plan on buying new furniture at your destination rather than attempting to move what you already have. This will save you money in moving costs, but you will have to weigh that against the cost of purchasing new furniture. This is an especially good idea if you are moving abroad.

6. Give Yourself Time

The decluttering process can take significant amounts of time. Fortunately, so does moving. Consider¬†starting the process of going through your things several months before you’re due to move. Even though it isn’t always feasible, this extra time will help you tackle one thing at a time and keep the process from being too overwhelming.

You should always strive to move like a minimalist. It will save you money in moving costs and help you cut down on the clutter in your life. With less stuff, your move is likely to be less stressful and you can get settled into your new life faster.