6 Reasons You Should Go on a Disney Cruise

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A Disney Cruise provides experiences that you will remember for years to come. If you are looking for ideas for your next vacation, you should consider booking a Disney Cruise. Here are 6 reasons you should go on a Disney Cruise.

1. World-Class Entertainment
The Walt Disney Company is known for its ability to create 5-star entertainment. For each Disney Cruise, the company spares no expense.

The cruise ship’s well-designed theatre features a large stage and ample seating for patrons to view its Broadway-style shows. On each day of the cruise, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a different show.

2. Impressive Customer Service
Disney employees know how to treat their customers. When you first arrive on the cruise ship, you will be greeted by cast members and Disney characters.

The room attendants take good care of your room during your stay. Each night, your bed is turned down. They place chocolates and towel animals on your bed.

3. Delicious Cuisine
A Disney Cruise features food options that will appeal to every person. Whether you are on a healthy eating plan or you have the freedom to indulge, you will enjoy the food.

You can dine on salmon, seafood, pasta, chicken and beef. For dessert, you can order creme brulee, lemon pie, ice cream and pecan tarts. In addition, there is a kids’ menu that will satisfy the appetites of picky eaters.

4. Fun for People of All Ages
Contrary to popular belief, a Disney Cruise isn’t just appealing to kids. This cruise offers fun for people of all ages including the young-at-heart. Here are a few things that you can do on a Disney Cruise.

  • Shop
  • Swim
  • Watch movies
  • Dance the night away
  • Exercise

5. Cool Deck Parties
Disney cruises are known for fun Pirate parties on the decks of the ship. These deck parties feature food, dancing, costume contests and live entertainment.

At the culmination of each deck party, you will experience an amazing fireworks display. This is one of the most exciting parts of the vacation.

6. Meet and Greet Disney Characters
How awesome would it be to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse? If you book a Disney Cruise, you can find out.

Each day, famous characters dressed in the cutest nautical costumes deck the halls of the ships. Not only do these characters excite children, they amaze the parents as well.

A Disney Cruise offers unparalleled entertainment and fun. You won’t be disappointed if you book this cruise.