6 Instant Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home


Most of us have candles all over our homes. We get and give them as gifts, we pick them up when we are out shopping, and we enjoy the different smells they provide us with. However, many people do not realize the amazing benefits candles can have on our mind and bodies! Read on for the six immediate benefits you will get when you burn candles inside your home or office.

Candles Can Improve Your Mood Immediately 

The scent of a candle can help improve your mood if you are feeling down about yourself or your surroundings. Scented candles carry aromatherapy properties that will help you feel positive and happier when you inhale their scent. A candle that has a rosemary or citrus smell is the best choice when you wish to improve how you are feeling as quickly as possible.

Provides You with a Ritual 

Hundreds of rituals have used candles throughout the centuries to set the mood. Using candles as a morning or nightly ritual will help set the mood you are looking to achieve. For example, a few candles lit while you are meditating or praying can set the tone for the rest of your day. At night, lighting candles while you take a relaxing bubble bath is a great way to wind down for the day.

Get Rid of Stress 

Candles have been used for centuries as a way to combat stress and anxiety. Certain types of scented candles are typically used to improve anxiety and depression in men, women, and even children. Lighting a scented candle, such as one with frankincense, lavender, or chamomile, will help ease your soul after a particularly stressful day.

Allows You to Sleep Better

You’ve probably heard that you’ll disrupt your sleep when you use your computer or phone right before bed. Instead, get a better night’s sleep by lighting a few candles for light in your room instead of your overhead light, and put your phone away until morning. Moving about by candlelight will also help you stay mindful of both your actions and thoughts, an important way to de-stress for the night.

Make Your Home Smell Better 

While this may be an obvious benefit to lighting candles, you’ll be surprised at just how wonderful your home will smell with a few well-placed candles. Try leaving different scented candles in various rooms for a house that smells delightful.

Increase Your Focus 

When you are trying to improve your productivity at your desk or in your home, scented candles can do the trick, according to Lifehack. Certain scents, such as cinnamon, mint, lemon, and orange can provide you with an extra boost during the day by invigorating your senses. Simply place candles on your desk at work or in the rooms of your home you need to work in.