6 Exercises to Increase Flexibility


Top 6 Flexibility Improving Exercises

Buddy Stretch– This very effective exercise is done with a partner where both parties are seated on the floor with their feet touching. Each person holds one end of a resistance band and they take turns leaning back and pulling on the band.

1.Butterfly Stretch– Sit on the floor with legs bent out and feet touching (like butterfly wings). Begin the stretch by putting feet at a comfortable distance from the body then lean forward until a stretch is felt on the legs and back. As flexibility increases, people will be able to bring their feet close to their body and lean farther down until flat with the floor.

2.Arm Circles– Stand up straight with legs parted comfortably, begin with large arm circles working to smaller and smaller circles. Repeat going the opposite direction.

3.Walking Lunges– Begin standing with feet together, step one foot out into a deep lunge, touching the knee to the floor if possible. Continue several in a row, rest, and continue back starting with the opposite leg.

4.Pigeon Stretch– While seated put one leg in front and the other behind are 90-degree angles. Rotate hip back and forth then switch sides. This exercise helps with hip mobility.

5.Wall Pushups– Standing a foot or two away from a wall square shoulders and press down all the way until the nose also touches the wall. Doing this exercise builds strength and flexibility.

6.Single Leg Stance– Stand with one leg extended behind the body and hold for 10 seconds at a time. Continue to do multiple sets on each leg. Over time the leg should be able to be lifted higher and the pose held longer. A chair can be held as an aid for balance.