6 Benefits Of Group Therapy For Addiction


Substance abuse and addiction has become a major problem for millions of families, and those who are users. Making the decision to get help is one that requires a great support system of family and friends. The addict already has feelings of being alone, and that they have no one that they can talk to. In order for therapy to be a successful avenue to quitting, the user must first admit that they have a severe addiction problem. There are options as to the type of therapy that will be most beneficial to the individual addict. They can have individual therapy or group therapy.

Group therapy is when the therapist or counselor brings a large or small group of people together who are dealing with issues that are similar. This is done in a controlled safe therapeutic environment. They get to discuss some of the challenges that they come face to face with. Group therapy has several rewarding benefits for the addict.

  1. An addict is in need of companionship, someone with whom they can confide in since this is something that is difficult to do with family members who do not share the problem. In the environment with peers, the addict will feel more like opening up and sharing.
  2. Communication is a large benefit because addicts who are trapped in their active substance use find it impossible to talk about things that they want desperately to say.
  3. Insight is another rewarding benefit of group therapy. Sometimes a user may not be able to find solutions by themselves because they are too emotionally involved. Someone close to the problem can help a great deal.
  4. A substance user learns accountability when in group therapy. They soon find out that together, they are stronger than they are when they are alone. They begin to look forward to their therapy sessions to discuss all of the things that they have wanted to get out but did not know how.
  5. Being in group therapy sessions provide the user with a clean, safe, and welcoming place to go. This alone gives them a place that they can call their own, where they can begin to live a better life.
  6. Group therapy gives the user a haven that is far better than being on the streets, or hiding in a corner of their home. This is a place where others can see them blossom and give them encouragement to go on.Group therapy helps the families of substance users by giving them an outlet to voice their feelings during family nights or days. They can see the improvement in their loved one as they also heal from the addiction.