6 Amazing Gift Ideas for Soccer Enthusiasts


Soccer lovers come in all ages, and that is why the US Youth Soccer and the NSCAA, two of the nation’s soccer leaders, merged their annual gatherings in January of each year and thus created what is the game’s most influential yearly event. The 2016 convention was recently held from January 13 through 17 in Baltimore.

It has been suggested that a local adult soccer group for parents, coaches, and players is a good way to exercise, have some fun, and include all skill levels. At a friendly scrimmage, players would just have to bring shirts of two colors to make up the teams and perhaps a small cash donation if there is a permit fee or other expenses.

When you are looking for gifts for enthusiastic soccer players or fans, there are clever ones to choose from. Here are just a few suggestions:

1. 3D Soccer Puzzle

This wooden puzzle that you take apart and reassemble into a the original round soccer ball shape is fun and is a great conversation piece sitting on the recipient’s office desk. Instructions and the solution are included. It consists of 14 large sturdy jigsaw pieces, a mounting base, and a wooden pin for holding it all together. When assembled, it does not fall apart when picked up.

2. Custom Style Pillowcase with Soccer Ball Logo

This custom pillowcase is really a sham made of washable very soft 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester satin-like material. It is roomy in size at 20 inches by 30 inches and can easily serve as a great centerpiece for a bed or couch. The designs are very clear and vibrant with bright vivid colors.

3. Soccer Balls Fleece Throw Blanket with Finished Edges

This light to medium weight high-quality polyester fleece throw blanket can be used at home, at a game, or in a car or a motor home. Measuring 48 by 60 inches, it is water-resistant, and you can machine wash and tumble dry it.

4. Soccer Challenge Indoor Soccer Game

This ultimate electronic soccer game is designed for one or two players ages five and up. The three foot wide by two foot tall “smart mat” hangs on any wall inside or outside the building and keeps track of the score, whose turn it is, has sound effects, and knows where the shot with the provided soft soccer ball hits the numbers. There is even encouraging audio feedback.

5. Soccer Snack Candy and Gumball Dispenser (Gumball Machine)

This plastic 8.5 inches in height dispenser holds gumballs, small candies or snacks which are sold separately and does not require coins for operation.

6. Bulk Six Pounds of Dubble Bubble One Inch Gumballs

There are approximately 350 gumballs, each imprinted with the Dubble Bubble logo, and arriving fresh, chewy, ready to blow bubbles, and in eight yummy flavors in a resealable bag. The flavors are Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Lemon-lime, Banana, Cherry and Grape. They ship within one business day to any destination in the USA