5 Ways to Save Money on Ammunition

Shells from blank rounds lie on the floor after the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), the City of London?s Territorial Army Regiment, fired a 62 gun salute in honour of the 61st anniversary of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne at the Tower of London on February 6, 2013. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE        (Photo credit should read ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images)

There are many different ways that can help save you money on ammunition. The choice that is best I think will depend on the individual, based upon the amount of effort one wants to put in. Let’s take a look at 5 different ways you can save money:


  1. Reloading Brass – To reload your own brass, you will need a press which you can purchase new or find one cheaper used, you will need to purchase casings of shells and ammunition that has been used, along with some primer and powder. You will be able to quickly offset the amount that you have spent on the press, if you shoot on a regular basis. A bonus of reloading is that it gives you the perfect opportunity to select the components that work best with your firearm and to fine tune your loads for maximum accuracy.
  2. Wait for a Sale – Ammunition does go on sale from time to time. There are several websites that sell ammunition, whether you prefer to load your own or all ready set – get on an email list and they will send you notices of sales. There are also physical stores that sell ammunition, check your local ads weekly for any deals.
  3. Check Yard Sales/Re-Sale Sites/Other Sources – You would be surprised at the places that you could find ammunition for sale. Garage sales, Craigslist, auctions, gun shows, etc. all may have ammunition If you do find a good deal on ammunition and are interested in purchasing, just make sure you look it over out to ensure it is in good condition beforehand. Look out for rust on the steel casings or green showing on the brass casings. These are signs that the ammunition has not been stored properly, and should not be used for any reason. If you are unsure of the quality of the ammunition, I would recommend not to purchase – as a cheaper price is not worth risking your life.
  4. Don’t Play Around – Be sure that your shots count in target practice or while hunting. Take the time to line up each shot, and aim carefully. If you make sure that you are taking your time to line up each shot, there will be less ammunition wasted.
  5. Buying in Bulk – Sometimes there is a greater price savings on your ammunition if you purchase it in bulk. Depending on how much used on a regular basis, this may be a good savings to some.