5 Unique Ways To Reach Customers

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With today’s advancements in technology, there are now more ways than ever to reach potential clients. With smartphones and tablets, users can simply pull out their mobile devices and make any kind of purchase or connect with a business by tapping a few buttons. And with billions of Internet users, any business can take advantage of the power of the web to reach customers. There are numerous online platforms that make it possible for businesses to grow their clientele and here are five unique ways to do it.

1. Facebook 
Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company that holds around two billion monthly active user accounts. And with its integrated business tools, any business can simply plug in and start seeing results.

In addition to creating a business fan page where customers can engage directly with the business by leaving product reviews, comments, and questions, Facebook Ads are a completely revolutionary marketing implementation. On the television with traditional advertising, there isn’t really a specifically targeted audience or demographic because the commercial ad just airs at certain periods of time. However, Facebook has advertising preferences that allow businesses to pinpoint their exact audience target, which is convenient and efficient.

2. Instagram 
Instagram is essentially a photo-based network platform where businesses can create profiles that have direct messaging, commenting, sharing, and support capabilities. Instagram also has promotional posts similar to Facebook’s Ads. However, businesses can really gain traction when they utilize Instagram’s hash tag feature and actually “hacking” into the algorithm, which results in showing up in more people’s feeds more often.

3. YouTube 
YouTube is as an excellent tool to promote businesses, as it is an incredibly unique way to reach customers. There is no limit to what can be packed into a marketing video, as well as SEO titles and descriptions. And since YouTube is now partnered with Google, the videos (with the proper SEO) will show up higher in search results. Also, utilizing the comments section to advertise a product/ service can boost organic lead generation if posted within relevant videos.

4. Google Adwords 
Google Adwords are an excellent website integration that essentially works similarly to Facebook Ads. With a minimum ad budget, a business can reach millions of viewers on a daily basis.

5. Online Webinars 
Webinars are best utilized for high-ticket items that cost $300+. A webinar host can present in-depth information about a product/ service. Effective marketing techniques such as copywriting, graphics, and storytelling are an integral part of a webinar and work together to create an alluring business presentation.

If you own a business and aren’t utilizing the Internet to reach customers, you are falling behind. The leaders in the industry you’re in are consistently generating leads online and closing sales using one or a combination of the five unique ways to reach customers that are listed above.