5 Tricks for Having a Better Sign Than Your Competitors


For local and online businesses alike, your logo, brand colors and signage can have a measurable impact on customers’ first impressions. Since you never get a do-over for a first impression, you of course want to step up to the competitive plate ready to hit that all-important home run!

In this post, learn five key tricks to create a sign that is more compelling and effective than that of your competitors.

Signage 101: It’s All About Readability
The most critical element of any signage, hands down, is this: is it readable? This means the most important information must be front-and-center, legible, readable (by all ages) and clear from the get-go. Only then will the rest matter.

5 Expert Tricks to Out-Signage Your Competition
Once you have the readability aspect covered, use these five tricks to attract new customers and win your competitors’ customers over to your brand.

Trick #1: Set up a “differentiation viewing board” full of your competitors’ signs.
Print out each of your major competitors’ signs. Hang them up  one after the other. Then assemble your team and break down their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, identify what is missing.

This will be your differentiation factor – that design element you include that your competitors left out that will snag online and drive-by eyes more effectively than your competitors’ signage can.

Trick #2: Choose colors consistent with your brand identity.
If you are selling lemonade, you will of course want to make heavy use of the color yellow. If you are in the restaurant business, red is the recognized color of hunger. If your company offers massages, choose calming blue.

Above all, be sure your color scheme is both pleasing to the eye and consistent with your company’s brand identity, personality, corporate culture and products or services.

Trick #3: Make it easily viewable whether small or large.
Here, if your signage can translate well to the small web banner space on your blog and to the massive billboard over the local highway, you know you have landed on a winner.

Trick #4: Incorporate your story into your signage.
This is especially important if you are new to the industry. You want to accomplish maximum impact in minimum time, which means sharing both your product or service and how you do it .

One good way to accomplish this is to create a mascot or a logo to go along with your brand.

Trick #5: Stop trying to have a better sign.
Just as there is a case for trying to do everything you do better than your competition, there is a case for just doing what you do the best that you can.

When you stop worrying about your competitors and just follow your current customers’ lead, you can learn how to attract more of the customers .