5 Tips to Help Your Hair Extensions Last Longer


Hair extensions have revolutionized the way women wear their hair for beauty and fashion. Some call this gorgeous “faux hair” a style accessory, and many celebrities have become famous through their stunning extensions, setting major trends.

It doesn’t matter if your hair extensions are made from real 100 percent Virgin Remy locks or synthetic ones. To maintain their longevity, healthy shine and wearability, professional stylists recommend these five essential tips:

1. Invest in a hair extensions brush.
That’s right; you need to brush your hair extensions to keep them tangle-free and looking just right. A lot of women fear brushing because the extensions might fall out, but that will not happen. The special hair extensions brush has been developed to glide through strands with a most unique “looper” design that slides over the attachment as it brushes at the root.

2. Just say no to sulfate hair care.
Shampooing and conditioning are essential for every scalp and mane, but when you’re wearing hair extensions, the formulas you select can make a difference. For example, chemically-based shampoos are strong and contain sulfates and parabens that gradually weaken and damage the hair. These formulas can also break down the extensions bonds and loosen them.

Non-sulfate, gentle formulas are best for shampooing and conditioning your “new” instantly longer tresses.

3. Use heat styling tools with caution.
Hair extensions usually look their ultimate voluminous best when they are blow-dried or curled, but as we all know, hot appliances can damage natural hair and faux hair. Before attempting to use these hair tools, expert stylists advise patting your locks dry with a towel.

Use the low-heat setting of your blowdryer to dry bonds and surrounding hair first. Then you can style/dry the rest of your locks as usual. With this technique, you will reduce shedding, breakage and the possibility of your bonds getting sticky.

4. Keeping up with the salon visits.
Your hair extensions specialist should be a certified professional, and he or she understands the client’s unique needs when it comes to the lifespan of these extensions. For example, you should never attempt to remove tape-on or keratin-bonded extensions yourself.

The reason for maintenance appointments is two-fold. If any of your extensions have fallen out, your expert will carefully replace them with new ones. Also, when it comes to new strands growing in, extensions are taken out to rest the natural mane.

5. Braid and sleep well in this way.
Never hit the hay with wet hair extensions. The best tips the pros recommend involve braiding. A low, loose braid at the nape of your neck is the way to go and avoids any unnecessary tension along the scalp.

The tightly woven fibers of silk pillowcases also yield to a good night’s rest and nurturing experience for your extensions. Silk offers a smooth surface that is kind to the hair’s cuticle.