5 Tips For Selecting the Best Attorney


Choosing an attorney is a big step. Your lawyer will be your sole representative for the length of the case. The wrong lawyer could leave you with no hope of winning or escaping a conviction. The right lawyer can sometimes make short work of the opposing attorneys. Here are five tips for selecting the best attorney for your needs.

Find a Lawyer Who Regularly Handles Your Type of Case

Lawyers do not usually handle all types of cases. Individual lawyers often focus on narrow areas of the law like criminal defense for driving under the influence or representing medical malpractice victims. You want to find a lawyer who regularly handles your type of case. Try to choose a lawyer who has exact experience with your circumstances. If you were in a car accident, accused of assault or injured by a defective product, then look for a lawyer who specifically works with those cases. This will give you a good chance of getting the outcome you want.

Look For Experience and a Winning Track Record

You want to look for a lawyer with a large amount of experience. Find someone with five or more years of experience working in your area. Experience is important because it means the attorney knows the courts, judges and the nuances of the law. With more than 780,000 lawyers in the country, this should not be hard. You should ask about the lawyer’s track record to ensure the attorney wins or reaches fair settlements most of the time.

Pay Attention to Communication and Timeliness

Always pay attention to communication and timeliness when interviewing potential lawyers. Be sure the attorney is communicating well with you and that you understand what is being said. Check that the lawyer responds to you in a timely manner. You do not want a lawyer who talks over you, cannot communicate anything properly and takes days to respond to anything. That type of lawyer could leave you confused and hurt your case.

Request and Check References

Around 4 percent of civil cases end in awards over $1 million while the average compensation for a case is just $28,000. A great lawyer is what can make that kind of difference. Request and check reference from any attorney. Talk to the references to ensure the lawyer is professional, aggressive and competent. You will want to skip any attorneys who have no references. Additionally, skip lawyers where the references give you a bad feeling. This is especially important if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer since you get only one chance in court.

Assess the Attorney’s Personality

You will have to work closely with your attorney and trust that person implicitly. Assess the attorney’s personality during the interview or consultation. You should feel comfortable, relaxed and trusting with the lawyer. If the personality clashes with your own, then you will probably not have a good working relationship. That could hurt your case badly. Having a lawyer with a personality you approve of and can work with makes a very large difference since your case could last for weeks or months.