5 Tips for Saving Money on Heating This Winter

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Winter is quickly approaching, which means you have to prepare for the coldest weather of the year. This is the time when your bills increase as you heat your home to keep your family comfortable. However, there are five great ways you can save money on heating during the winter. Take advantage of these great tips to protect your wallet.

Adjust Your Thermostat During the Night

One of the best ways to save money on your winter heating bills is to adjust the thermostat every night. Turn it down five to 10 degrees before you turn in for the night. According to the United States Department of Energy, incorporating this practice into your daily routine during the coldest months of the year can help you to save around 10 percent annually. You can take advantage of this while staying warm during the night while you sleep by adding an extra blanket on your bed or switching to a thick quilt.

Heat Only Rooms You Use

Concentrate on only heating the rooms you actually use. If there are rooms like a guest bedroom or a room your adult child who’s away at college normally uses that is not currently in use, seal off the vents in those rooms. This can save you a great deal of energy and money. In fact, you might save around $200 per year doing this. If you are unable to close off vents, you can save by turning down your thermostat and relying on space heaters to heat the rooms you do use.

Rely on the Sun

During the daytime when you are at home, keep your drapes or curtains open and allow natural sunlight to seep into the rooms. You would be surprised at how effective the sun is at keeping the room warm. The sun is all natural and can keep you warm for absolutely free. When the sun sets, you can close your drapery or curtains to retain the heat.

Use Warm Accessories

Gather up cozy blankets to use in your living room while relaxing, wear a sweater and put on a pair of thick socks to stay warm. You can even add a plush rug to your floor to keep it warmer. This is one of the easiest ways to stay warm during the winter and save money on your heating bill.

Weather-Proof Your Home

Use weather stripping to seal up the doors and windows in your home, especially those that are known to leak air. This can make a great deal of difference in terms of how warm your home feels. It can also help you to save precious cash on your heating bill.

These are all great ways you can save on your heating bills during the winter. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much you’ve saved this season.