5 Simple Exercises that Reduce Lower Back Pain


Dealing with back pain can stressfully affect your entire life negatively. It can stop you from enjoying different activities with loved ones and also further improve your health by getting the right exercise. Most people believe that having back pain means having to deal with it for the rest of your life. While there ways to fix it with the help of surgery and a physical therapist, there are five simple exercises you can do to reduce lower back pain.

– Forward Fold

A great stretch to implement into your daily routine is the forward fold. This simple movement will allow for you to gain momentum and get your body going. A forward fold moves your entire lower back and gets the blood to circulate. The first step is to stand up tall, take a big deep breath in with your chest pulling upwards, and then extend your upper body forward. Make sure to hinge at the hips and not in the back. Only go where it feels comfortable.

– Pigeon Exercise

This simple stretch involves having one leg bend to have your knee towards your chest and the heel of that foot around your belly button or so. This entire exercise involves being a bit forward with your body and laying down completely forward. This can get your back getting the circulation it needs.

– Eight Point Plank

Doing a plank can be a good exercise for your core and back. However, it can be too painful on your lower back if done incorrectly. To fix this problem, it would be best to instead do an eight point plank. This position involves being on your knees, feet, elbows, and fingertips. You will have to make sure that all the pressure is just put on your core and back. The weight can allow for you to ease the pressure from your back.

Cobra Pose

This Yoga pose involves being on your two hands to your chest as you let your body lean forward. This pose then involves pushing up from your hands and creating a snake-like cobra position. This stretches the back very well, and it can reduce all the pain you may be dealing with.

Two-Knee Twist

This twist involves laying down on the floor and allowing your knees to come together up to your chest. Allow your knees to move from one side to the next while maintaining your core strength. This twist is a great way to get that movement going in your lower back.

These are five simple exercises that can easily reduce any lower back pain you may be dealing with at the moment. It’s a bit difficult at times to be able to know what you need if your back is dealing with consistent pain every day. The simple stretches and exercises above can be just what you need to feel some kind of relief, and the key is to be patient and to do them daily to see results and not have anymore pain.