5 Reasons to Build Your House from the Ground Up


There are some obvious advantages to building a new home. The first advantage is that it is brand new, and most of us prefer new to used. The second is that you get the exact floor plan you want. Also, many desirable communities have empty lots where homes can be built, but they may not have a home for sale that you really want to buy. In addition to the obvious benefits of new home construction, there are some hidden benefits as well. Some of them can save a fortune in remediation costs.

No Renovations Needed

When you build the house that you want instead of buying used, there is no need to redo bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Everything from the window treatments to the landscaping is exactly how you want it. When buying an existing home, the need to compromise is always present. Home buyers have a list of must-have and like-to-have items when shopping the used home market. Things such as the desire for large bedrooms, a separate laundry room and a real fireplace may not all exist in existing homes on the market the buyers are considering. All of these items and more can be built into new construction.

Avoiding Code Problems

Older homes are often fraught with substandard plumbing and wiring problems. The background information on renovations over the years may include do-it-yourself projects carried out by inexperienced homeowners or they may have used workers who provided substandard work. Once the infrastructure of plumbing, wiring and other facets of home construction are covered up with finished surfaces, it is impossible even for the best inspector to know the details of all work done on an older house. Once the sale is closed, homeowners are responsible for shoddy renovations done in the past.

Preventing Leaky Basements

Older construction methods have permitted many wet basements to develop after several years. Homes that look fabulous on the outside may have basements that have high humidity. Worse yet is radon gas intrusion. Cracks in foundation walls and porous surfaces allow moisture and deadly radon gas to accumulate. Not all leaky basements have visible water. Porosity may allow humidity levels to rise to unacceptable levels. Testing can confirm radon and leaks, but does nothing for remediation. New construction methods done right can make basements secure against leaks and radon.

No Hidden Mold or Asbestos

Older homes may have hidden mold in the walls of bathrooms and basements. It may be found close to dishwashers and other areas where heat and moisture along with organic materials that act as food for mold exist. Once mold is established, it can be cleaned but never fully goes away. Mold spores are everywhere, but in dry homes the mold is kept in check from growing. Asbestos exists in home construction materials from pipe insulation to floor tiles. Asbestos was used up until the 1970s. Removing it or sealing it in place is a costly process that requires specialists. When you build a new home, you can know all of the materials used in its construction.

Warranties and Value

There are some warranties available with the purchase of an older existing home. However, new homes have warranties for everything from the roofing materials to the furnace. Instead of inheriting old water heaters, central air conditioning units, windows and other things that wear with use and exposure to the elements, you get all brand new things in a newly constructed home. This gives some peace of mind of not having surprise expenses pop up in those first few years of paying a mortgage. Plus, the older a home gets, the less interest it is going to generate among buyers if you should decide to sell as fewer new homeowners are willing to inherit issues that come with buying an older home.

Taking ownership of a home constructed to your exact instructions is a moment of pride and fulfillment of the American Dream. There is a lot of value in older homes, but there is nothing quite like a home built exclusively for you and your family. From the moment you move in, it is your home. It never belonged to anyone else. Families can settle into a nice routine adapting to most any house, but a new one is home from the very first day.