5 Gifts to Give Pet Lovers this Christmas


The holidays can be a magical time full of wonder and joy. But, with the holidays comes Christmas shopping and trying to figure out what to get your loved ones. If you have a pet lover in your family, keep reading. Here are 5 gift ideas of things to get your animal lover this Christmas:


  1. Photo Shoot/Framed Photo:

Take your loved ones pet whether it be a cat, dog, guinea pig, etc. and have a fun photo shoot with it. It can be with a professional photographer or you can take some pictures with your phone. Be careful and mindful of safety when taking these pictures, as you don’t want the animal to get hurt or run away. Once you have a few good photos, take the best one and have it printed out. Then take the printed photo and have it put into a nice frame. The frame can be something you know will fit in with your friend or family members décor, or it can be personalized specifically for their pet.

  1. Painting of Their Pet:

There are a lot of places that you can get a specialized painting done of pets. Most places require a few different photos and they can create a one of a kind masterpiece depicting the cuteness of the little bundle of fur. It can be a plain portrait or even a painting in an Andy Warhol type style – whatever suits the personality of the one you plan on gifting it to.

  1. Pet Pillow:

Animal pillows can be great gifts to snuggle. You can have a persons pet picture put onto a pillow, get a pillow with their favorite type of animal on it or there are even pillows that look like your pet that are in the shape of the specific animal.

  1. Shirt:

Shirts are great gifts that can be worn over and over again. You can get a cute little shirt with a doggie or kitty embroidered on it, or you can have their pet picture screen printed onto a shirt.

  1. Donation:

If your pet lover currently doesn’t have any pets, or they are a big activist for animals you can always donate money in their name to an organization. There are a lot of wonderful organizations that help animals get adopted, help with healthcare and prevent cruelty to animals.


As you can see, there are a lot of options of items you can get the person in your life that generally love animals or are crazy for their pet. It just takes a little planning, and you can give them the best gift yet.