5 Facts On How Antennas Affect Communication


Antennas may not look like much, but they make the modern world possible. They electromagnetic waves which can be translated into messages, which is the foundation of most modern communication technology. The basic system is fairly simple, but modern networks have grown and become fairly complicated. Even so, they are so vital to modern life that everyone should try to have a basic understanding of the impact that antennas have on communications.

Enabling Wireless Connections

Modern wireless system require antenna arrays to function. While most phones and other small devices lack visible antennas, they do need to connect to networks to function. Those networks are made up of transmitters and receivers, and those devices are built around antennas.

Lowering Costs

The initial cost of building an antenna array can be high, but the ongoing costs are relatively low. That means that a large number of people can get access to long-distance communications at an affordable price. Those cheap communications have helped people to stay in touch with each other, organize businesses, and access information, which has become the foundation of the modern world.

Boosting Power

Some antennas can significantly boost the power of a network. For example, directional antennas that have been properly aligned can cover much longer distances than other antennas. This makes it easier to communicate over long distances, which has helped to make communications cheap and easy.

Encouraging Media Development

Since wireless communications made it fairly cheap to broadcast media over a long distance, media companies took advantage of it to reach new audiences. That allowed them to increase their income from each piece of media, which made it possible to invest a greater amount of money into each project. There were certainly large projects before wireless communications became common, but the new communication tools allowed the number and scope of those projects to expand. At the same time, the lower cost made it easier for independent artists to reach an audience that was big enough to support them, since they were no longer restricted to broadcasting within a small area. Both benefits have made it easy for media companies to develop and expand their offerings.

Spreading Cultures

Wireless communications make it easy to spread culture to different areas. Before those communications, it took so long to get information from one nation to a distant one that people only did so on rare occasions. Modern networks changed that. Now, people who are separated by an entire ocean can easily get in contact and share their ideas. Antenna networks have made the world a smaller place, and that has helped culture to come together and understand each other.