5 Entertainment Ideas For Children’s Birthday Parties


Entertaining children at birthday parties has become big business in some places, but there are still moderate alternatives for parents who want to plan a special celebration without going overboard. One way to make party decisions easier, including what entertainment to provide for the children, is to chose a theme for the party. Decisions on food, decorations and entertainment, when geared toward a specific theme, will create a unified flow to the party. Below are five themes with entertainment ideas, from moderate to simple, for planning a child’s birthday party.

Plan a 50’s theme party.
A fun activity for a pre-teen party is to bring the sound of the 50’s to your home by renting a jukebox. What better activity for the poodle skirt wearers than to sip chocolate sodas from paper straws and listen to the oldies? Or, for a less expensive alternative, organize a sing-along with some recorded 50’s music. A hula-hoop contest is a good, energy burning activity to add to the musical fun.

Plan a zoo animal theme party.
For younger children, help them make paper hats to represent zoo animals. Make simple construction paper headbands and decorate with kangaroo ears, deer antlers, or a lion’s mane. Then take the children on a safari to the local zoo. Prepare ahead with a list of questions for the children to answer together. An example is discovering the name of the resident ape, or counting how many monkeys live at the zoo. Don’t forget to reserve plenty of time for the children’s petting zoo. As a bonus, the animal hats will help you keep track of your little critters.

Plan a Mexican fiesta theme party.
Sombreros, nachos and maracas, what’s not to love? A mexican fiesta is an easy party to plan because both the food and decorations are easy to find in most cities. The children will jump with delight as you bring out the piñata filled with goodies. Piñatas can be purchased or you can make your own ahead of time.

Plan a picnic theme party.
Children love picnics, whether in their own backyard or a local park. When parents want a party that can be pulled together without a lot of fuss, a picnic is the ideal solution. Standard picnic activities like baseball, relay races and water ballon games are still well-loved by children of all ages. A simple scavenger hunt, some paper bags to hold the treasures, and a list of nature items to find, will round out the activities.

Plan an old-fashioned child’s birthday party.
Nostalgic games like Pin The Tail On The Donkey and dropping clothespins in the bottle bring back pleasant childhood memories of simpler times. Even in this fast-paced era, today’s children still think party hats, noise makers and Simon Says are fun entertainment.

If you start with a theme idea that interests you, entertainment ideas will quickly follow, and they don’t need to be elaborate to be fun.