5 Creative Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day comes at a much needed time in the long winter season. The sun is in deep hibernation, the cold and wind seem cruel and unrelenting, and the December holiday decorations have long been packed away. Then suddenly, when the heaviness feels like it will never lift, this day pops out, bright, shiny and optimistic amidst the snow and sleet and darkness. Secret admirers, declarations, roses, chocolates, candy valentines and hearts upon hearts- our winter world becomes flooded with love. Keep the festive feeling alive and make your home glow with these five creative ways to decorate for “V-day”

1.Flowers: Valentine’s Day and flowers go hand in hand, but beautiful blooms can break the bank. The solution? Try creating some handmade flowers. This is a great project to make with kids because it’s quick, easy and infinitely affordable, requiring materials you already have at home. All you need are pipe cleaners, cupcake liners and a little imagination. Set them in small vases around your table for a sweet Valentine’s treat.

2.Ribbon chains: Have any leftover ribbons from all your Christmas present wrapping? Take an assortment of colors and cut them into 4 inch lengths. Make a chain by linking each ribbon into the next, alternating colors and securing with craft glue or a stapler. String your chain over a doorway or from your chandelier for a dazzling dinner.

3.Home-made valentines: Make a sweet statement with a chain of handmade Valentines. You will need red or pink construction paper and paper lace doilies to make the valentines and a pretty string or ribbon to link them together. Start by cutting out the hearts. For a unique look, try cutting them freehand, they won’t be perfectly symmetrical, but that adds to the charm. If you prefer a more uniform approach, you can use a template for a clean look. Mount each heart on the center of a lace doily, and string them together by threading a pretty ribbon through the lace at the top of each valentine. Secure your chain along a wall and encourage visitors to write messages with a metallic pen.

4.Hearts: Create an assortment of handmade hearts to warm up your windows. These yarn hearts are a great place to start. Arrange them in groups of three in each window so the neighbors can enjoy their homespun charm.

5.Lights: To create a romantic ambiance for your Valentine’s dinner, string small lights along the ceiling and keep your house lights dimmed. Create a display of candles as your centerpiece, alternating heights and widths, being sure to keep flammable items far away. The string lights will glisten like starlight above and the candles will gently illuminate your faces, creating a dreamy and delightful night.