5 Cost Effective Printing Hacks


Being able to print anything at any time is a great convenience, but that convenience comes at a price – namely expensive ink cartridges. Never fear, there are ways to reduce the costs of printing. In the following article we’ll explain the five most cost effective printing hacks. Whether you print a page a day or a page a minute, these tricks will help you save on printing.

1. Set it on draft mode
Consistently using draft mode is one of the easiest ways to save on printing. Almost every printer provides a draft mode which results in a slightly fainter printing. Simply switch your printer’s default setting to draft mode. If you’re printing something only for yourself, the fainter printing is perfectly acceptable and your printer may use up to half as much ink or toner per page. When you need a high-quality print, just switch the setting.

2. Use all your toner
Toner cartridges are made with an infrared sensor that identifies when a cartridge is almost empty. When the sensor detects that toner levels are low, the printer may stop working even if the cartridge isn’t really empty. However, there is a way to disrupt this sensor. With just a small piece of paper you can block the sensor and trick it into thinking the printer’s toner is full. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions and illustrations for completing this hack.

3. Use a different font
Yet another simple but highly effective way to save printing costs is to change the font you’re using. Because fonts vary in weight and size some use much more ink than others. Experiment with small fonts. If you find one that poses no legibility problems, use it as your default font for personal printing. Eliminate unnecessary bold type and images from your printing for even more savings.

4. Use grayscale on color printers
Even if you’re printing on a color printer, chances are you don’t need everything to print in color. Setting your printer to use grayscale is yet another mode you can change that will save you money. With grayscale as the default setting your printer will ignore the color in documents and only use the black cartridge. Most printers use black and color ink to make the richest possible black. By setting your printer to grayscale you’ll also eliminate this process which may be depleting your toner cartridges four times faster.

5. Keep your printer on
This may seem counterintuitive, but stay with us. Each time a printer is turned on it runs through a maintenance cycle that cleans the printhead. Those noises your printer makes when it’s turned on are the maintenance station and printheads being cleaned and priming ink. Printers do this each time they are turned on and use a percentage of ink to perform the maintenance. The solution to this problem is easy. Simply leave your printer turned on. The cost of electricity will be more than covered by the amount of ink saved.