5 Best Weight Loss Supplements


Choosing the right weight loss supplement is the first step in working towards a happier, thinner version of yourself. There are several different options for weight loss supplements that are 100% natural with minimal side effects. Choosing natural, plant based supplements is essential to any diet plan because artificial ingredients can have adverse side effects that will lead to setbacks in your overall fitness goals.
These supplements are among the most popular for weight loss, and have been selected primarily because they come from natural, plant based sources.

Garcinia Cambogia

Currently one of the most popular supplements on the market, Garcinia Cambogia is a small green fruit native to the moist forests of Southeast Asia and Central Africa. Supplements made from garcinia are created from highly concentrated extracts which are more powerful and effective than the fruit itself.
The active ingredient in garcinia cambogia is hydrocitric acid or HCA. HCA inhibits the fat producing enzymes in the body while also boosting serotonin production. This combination reduces food cravings at the same time as it encourages fat loss. Those who take garcinia cambogia report an increase in energy and metabolism without any feelings of jitteriness or anxiety normally caused by stimulants.

Green Coffee Bean

The same coffee served in kitchens throughout the world every morning has shown amazing promise as a popular weight loss supplement. Green coffee bean is the same portion of the coffee plant used to make the ubiquitous beverage, but without the added step of roasting. Roasting coffee is what gives it the delicious bitter flavor everyone loves, but it also destroys key fat burning properties.

Green coffee bean contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid, a natural chemical compound that helps to reduce the release of glucose and carbohydrates into the bloodstream after meals. This effect allows the body to use excess fat as energy stores rather than using up the quick, fat-producing energy of carbs.
A study examined by the huffington post showed that the use of green coffee bean was generally favorable as a weight loss aid.

Raspberry Ketones

The delightfully fruity and pleasant summery smell of raspberries is directly due to the presence of ketones. These natural phenolic compounds which make up the main aspects of the aroma of raspberries are also responsible for a host of weight loss benefits.
In clinical trials, raspberry ketones were found to increase levels of the fat busting hormone adiponectin. This hormone isolates fat cells and breaks them down so they can be eliminated from the body.
An interesting, potentially fun side effect of this supplement is that they may cause your burps to smell of fresh raspberries!

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is such a powerful weight loss aid that it is included in many supplements dedicated to losing fat even if it is not clearly listed. The antioxidant EGCG is the primary cause of green tea’s fat burning power. In addition to aiding in digestion and elimination, green tea extract is also believed to increase how effective norepinephrine – a fat burning hormone works in the bloodstream.
Human trials involving green tea extract have found that it is particularly effective at targeting belly fat. One study showed a 17% rate of fat oxidation in individuals supplementing with green tea.