4 Unique Ways To Light Up The Outside Of Your Home


If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out, exterior lighting is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. When you have a well-lit home exterior, you’ll have fun waiting for the sun to set.

In the same way moths are drawn to a flame, beautiful exterior lighting makes your home much more inviting. It can be especially enjoyable during the holidays and even serves functional purposes. The right mixture of ambient lighting can make your home a safer place to live.

It can help to deter burglaries while preventing painful falls. Warm exterior lighting will make you look forward to coming home after a long day at work.

However, it’s important to focus on improved security and curb appeal while making sure you don’t light up the whole block. Below, you’ll find four unique ways to light up your home’s exterior.

Entryway Lighting

A proven strategy involves lighting up the entrances of your home. You should light up the front of your home for better practicality and safety, and you don’t have to stop at the front door. In fact, it’s actually a great idea to add lighting to every entrance into your home.

Depending on how your home is built, you should be able to add lighting to the front, side and rear entrances. The lighting fixtures that you choose need to match your home’s exterior, which results in a beautiful, cohesive appearance.

Up lighting

This type of lighting should be installed on the ground and direct light upwards. When used properly, this lighting can dramatically enhance your home’s important features, and it’s perfect for highlighting water features, trees, architectural features and more.

Many homeowners like to use it to enhance the style of trellises and pergolas. For proper up lighting, you’ll need to purchase bullet or well lights, and for optimal results, you don’t want to position the lights directly upwards. It’s best to place them at a slight upward angle and point them towards your house, trees or other features.


Another unique way to light the exterior of your home is moonlighting, and you can think of this type of lighting as the opposite of up lighting. To achieve a moonlighting effect, you’ll want to place your lights about 20 feet above the object that you want to shine light onto.

Many homeowners place the lights in a tree and add a blue filter, which literally makes the light look like it’s coming from the moon. This technique works exceptionally well for highlighting green shrubs, such as azaleas.

Path Lighting

When you use light fixtures to illuminate a pathway, it’s called path lighting. It’s commonly used to illuminate garden paths or walkways. Path lighting will make guests feel safer while walking outside and help to deter burglars. It even works great for lighting landscape borders and flower beds. Some homeowners use path lighting to successfully illuminate small rock formations. These are four unique ways to light up the outside of your home.