4 Tips for Going on Your First Fishing Charter Trip


A fishing charter is one of the best ways to experience a full-fledged fishing trip without having your own boat or gear. These trips can make for some unforgettable memories as you and your friends fish for some of the most sought after marine-life in the world. Here are a few tips to help make your first fishing charter trip a success.

1. Prepare for Seasickness 

There is always a chance for seasickness when on a fishing charter trip. This is especially true for first-timers who don’t know what to expect. Even on a calm, sunny day, the boat can be moving a significant amount. While some people are not bothered by this motion at all, others could have their trip ruined. It is important to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated as dehydration can make motion sickness worse. There are a variety of medications designed to ward off motion sickness. Dramamine is among the most popular. Make sure to take some of these precautions before embarking on your first trip.

2. Apply Enough Sunscreen 

When out on the open ocean, there is no protection from the harsh sun. As most fishing charters will aim for a sunny day with no clouds, the potential to get burned badly is increased. Rashes, burns and other skin ailments caused by too much sun could ruin your first fishing charter trip. It is important to apply enough sunscreen before and during the trip to help avoid any issues. Experts recommend that sunscreen be reapplied every two hours. You can also wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses to help protect your skin from the sun.

3. Bring a Large Cooler 

Fishing charter trips can last up to five hours or more. It is helpful to think of this trip as more of an experience. You’ll be fishing for hours on end trying to catch specific fish at specific locations in the ocean. Taking a large cooler full of drinks and food can help make this trip more enjoyable. It is important to check with different charter providers to see what their policies are on bringing food and drinks. Water and other hydrating drinks are recommended before beer or soda.

4. Take Photos 

In the rush and excitement before a fishing trip, it is easy to forget to bring a camera. You’ll want to remember to document your first fishing charter trip. These trips are unforgettable in many ways. The sheer size of the fish you can catch and the fun memories hanging out with friends on the ocean shouldn’t be quickly forgotten. Taking photos is a great way to hold these memories for years to come.

Fishing charter trips are exciting, memorable and enjoyable. These four tips can help make your first trip a success.