4 Tips for Cooking Pizza on the Grill

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Who doesn’t love homemade pizza? But in the hot summer months when baking in the oven is practically a crime, your pizza options can feel reduced to pick up or delivery. Thankfully, the latest craze in pizza is here to save the day. Cooking pizza on the grill not only saves on your cooling bill, it also is a delicious and satisfying alternative to the tried and true brick ovens of yore. These four tips will help you make the most out of your grilled pizza.

Grilled Pizza Tip #1: Use a clean, covered grill
A covered grill will trap heat, and it behaves more like an oven than an open grill does. A clean grill will ensure that your pizza dough does not stick or burn as it cooks, and it will let you remove the finished pizza without tearing it. To clean your grill, preheat it for 10 to 15 minutes and scrub off any leftover char with a grill brush or steel wool. Be sure to use a cleaning tool with a long handle so you do not get burned.

Grilled Pizza Tip #2: Make your own pizza dough
You can buy pizza dough at the store and use it for grilled pizza, but the flavor might not be as impressive and you will be eating some extra preservatives that do not need to be in your pizza. With a good recipe for pizza dough on the grill, you can easily whip up some amazing homemade dough that will really improve the deliciousness of your finished pizza. For raw pizza dough, place your rolled round of dough on the grill face down, let it crisp up, and then flip the dough so the crispy side is now face up. As the bottom crisps, you can add sauce and whatever toppings you want to your pizza.

Grilled Pizza Tip #3: Get a metal pizza peel
A pizza peel is a tool with a wide thin blade that allows you to work your pizza without tearing or dropping it. Pizza peels are available in both wood and metal varieties, but for pizza on the grill, a pizza peel with a metal blade and a wooden handle works best. The metal blade is thinner and withstands the high heat of the grill far better than a wooden blade will, but the metal blade will get much hotter than a wooden one. The wooden handle will protect your hands from the heat transfer.

Grilled Pizza Tip #4: Find a really good recipe
Pizza is always a matter of taste, and you can find some delicious grilled pizza recipes online. Find a recipe that sounds great to you, and try it out!