4 Surprising Facts about CBD Oil You Didn’t Know


Could CBD oil be the answer to your health concern? Thousands of people across the country are putting the theory to the test and many are flabbergasted by the results. CBD oil has been the hot topic of conversation in recent years as the stigmas of marijuana seem to be easing as the plant becomes legal for both medical and recreational uses across the country. It isn’t the actual marijuana plant that is illegal but rather the THC compound inside. CBD is another compound found inside the plant. The compound is not illegal and unlike THC, will not make the user get the same ‘high’ feeling that many people want when they smoke marijuana. Instead, CBD works to alleviate aches and pains, increase the appetite, improve nausea, and more in patients of all ages and who are afflicted with any number of health concerns. Surprised to learn that a compound found in the marijuana plant had so many benefits? We’re just getting started. Continue reading to learn four surprising facts about CBD oil you should know.

1- CBD Oil Treats Tons of Health Conditions 

Anxiety, MS, PTSD, insomnia, and glaucoma are a few of the conditions that CBD oil can benefit, but there are tons of other health concerns that are positively impacted. The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a report stating that CBD can serve as an anti-inflammatory and prevent acne. An NCBI study reported that CBD prevented diabetes in mice. The endless list of conditions that CBD oil can treat should urge you to give it a try.

2- CBD is Legal -Sort Of 

The laws surrounding CBD are very complex. Although the legality of the oil is up in arms, what we do know is that the feds have agreed they will not spend any tax dollars to prosecute people in medical states who possess 100% CBD oil and 16 other states allow possession. CBD oil is sold in all 50 states and online. Go ahead and purchase the oil without worry of any legal ramifications as the end result.

3- Treatment for Epilepsy 

Many breakthroughs for CBD oil came about in 2017, including inclusion to the 3rd stage clinical trial for the treatment of epilepsy in children. A lack of materials to study cannabinoids has caused problems learning and understanding its full potential. Now that CBD oil has made its way to third stage clinical trials, there can be many additional studies conducted. There’s little doubt those studies will lead to many breakthroughs in modern health.

4- Can Be Used with THC 

When combined with THC, the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil are quite amazing. Many consider THC to be a bad cannabinoid since it has the euphoric effects, but when used together, that simply is not the case. Research is still necessary of course, but it seems that this duo can have amazing attributes to your health!