4 Smart Ways to Branch Out your Mail Service


It is notoriously challenging to maximize the profits within the mail service industry. Here are four strategic ways to expand and branch out your mail services, which will result in happy customers and healthier profit margins.

Customize Your Message
The smartest way to expand mail services and boost profits is through increasing engaging existing and potential customers. Marketing materials and advertising techniques are important assets that should be used to create perfectly pitched messages that inspire consumers. Mail service owners must work with business owners to research their target customers and local markets in order to understand trends and preferences. Some mail service customers may only want high-quality printed materials for their selective clients, while others prefer fast and efficient mail services. Taking the time to understand each clients’ needs and goals will allow mail service owners to provide the best results.

Utilize Social Media
Traditional print mail services should also take advantage of online consumer trends. Social media, along with content marketing and consumer-created content, are marketing tools that business owners cannot afford to overlook. Both old and new customers regularly use the Internet to connect with brands and companies, so it’s imperative to establish a strong online business presence. First, claim and expand your business profile on Google+. Second, use social media platforms to build personal connections with online consumers. Mail service companies should embrace content marketing through creating and sharing blog posts, helpful information, fun videos and free eBooks. This is an excellent way to establish commercial credibility while also promoting the company and providing consumers with helpful information.

Focus on Different Distribution Channels
Sometimes, mail service companies are pigeonholed in certain industries or distribution channels. For example, a mail service company may have many food service related companies, so they may limit themselves to restaurants and food manufacturers. Mail service companies should expand their distribution focus to a variety of channels. This includes marketing channels, like email and sales catalogs, and physical channels, like wholesalers and retail reps. Remember, distribution channels are one of the classic principles of marketing and helps business owners expand their commercial influence and increase revenue.

Direct Mail Techniques
According to Entrepreneur magazine, companies that rely on direct mail campaigns must streamline their operational processes in order to increase their ROI and customer engagement levels. First, direct mail is usually integrated into billing cycles. Instead of separately sending out bills and direct mail promotional materials, simply offer an auto-bill renewal service option. Service businesses that provide auto-billing options will enjoy up to 70 percent service renewal rates. This will reduce the need for direct mail campaigns and allow marketing managers to use direct mail for only exclusive offers. As an alternative, direct mail campaigns can also be used to offer premium services, such as discounted deluxe options, and to offer expanded core services. In this way, direct mail can be used to gently direct customers onto established customer retention paths.

As a final alternative, focus on transforming one-time customers into repeat customers through increasing loyalty and engagement levels.