4 Reasons Why Point of Purchase Displays Rule


Point of Purchase display marketing offer businesses a way to increase the number of items on a sale. The presence of floor stands, signage, and display cases near the checkout counters can seem entertaining, but they usually include messages and designs that encourage customers to buy things they did not plan to buy when they entered the store. The effectiveness of POP displays means they will continue to clutter the commercial environment for a long time to come. If you do not use this type of display in your store or if you don’t understand their use, the following four reasons will help you understand why POP displays rule.

1. They Expose Shoppers to Special Merchandise

Businesses with aging inventory, promotional goods, or impulse products can increase sales by highlighting those products with point of purchase (POP) displays. POP research shows that offering discounted merchandise using a POP display delivers six times the results of a markdown on the shelf. Even without a price reduction, merchandise offered via POP displays sells more than when part of the general merchandise mix.

2. They Extend the Shopping Experience

Research shows that people make almost three-quarters of their buying decisions inside the store, so highlighting unique products near checkout can persuade them to make additional choices when they still have a conducive frame of mind. Often shoppers forget to look for something while they shop, and a POP display will give them another chance. Sometimes, POP displays remind people of things they need that never made it to their shopping list, giving them an opportunity to avoid a later shopping trip. Regardless of why customers respond to this type of marketing, the displays work because they keep people shopping for longer.

3. They Grap Shoppers’ Attention

Shoppers only notice a small percentage of all the items on store shelves, and they only buy from that group. If sellers can increase the number of products shoppers see, that will necessarily result in an across the board increase in the numbers of items sold. POP displays accomplish this by exposing customers to products and then isolating those products to limit their choices. Since competing brands and products do not distract customers at the point of purchase, they can make a fast decision that often results in a purchase.

4. They Increase Profits

According to IADT, POP marketers design POP displays in ways that trigger impulse buying. While awaiting checkout, shoppers see interesting or cute knickknacks, candy, drinks, magazines, toys, and various gadgets featured by POP displays. At this point of the sales experience, customers probably don’t want to shop around to get the best price on these items, so they will buy the items they want at the regular price.

POP displays have proven successful in almost every sales environment. Even ecommerce retailers use virtual POP displays to get buyers to add items to their cart immediately before checkout. The four reasons listed above should help you understand why you should put POP displays to work for you today.