4 Low Cost Tile Options for Your Home Renovation

A home renovation can add significant value to your home. While that is important if you want to sell your home in the coming months or years, you may find that you want to renovate simple because you aren’t fond of the way your home looks. Using tile is a good way to transform your home. You can use it to replace old carpeting, add a new touch to your kitchen backsplash or as a new surround for your shower. If you worry that the tile you like will add a little too much to the budget you had in mind, check out some simple low cost tile options.

Create a Decorative Touch

Using an expensive type of tile all over your bathroom or kitchen can easily add $10,000 or more to your total budget. Cassia Wyner, who owns her own design shop, suggests mixing and matching a more expensive tile with a cheaper option. She recommends using those expensive tiles to create a focal point or a decorative touch such as a mosaic in the center of your bathroom or as a backsplash in your kitchen. You can then use a more affordable option around that centerpiece.

Shop for Remnants

Flooring stores often sell remnants at a reduced price. Those remnants come from previous jobs and previous orders that the stores need to sell quickly. For example, someone might order 1,000 square feet of tile and only need 750 square feet. As the stores only have a limited amount in stock, those shops often drop the price significantly. If you want tile to cover a small bathroom floor or to add an accent to an entryway, you can often find enough remnants to cover the space. You can even mix and match the tiles to create a mosaic effect.

Choose Ceramic Tile

The most expensive types of tile are usually those made from glass, porcelain or natural stone. Some of those tiles, including natural stone, require a sealant as well. As the material is more porous, you need to seal it to prevent stains. Ceramic tile is much more affordable. According to The Kitchn, you can find ceramic tile priced at less than $5 per square foot. The best thing about ceramic tile is that it comes in so many options and is easy to clean. You’ll find tile in brighter and bolder colors and some more neutral choices too.

Opt for Something More Unique

If you truly want to save money on tile when doing a home renovation, think outside the box and opt for something a little more unique. A hot trend found online today comes from those who replaced old tile with floors made of pennies or other coins. They arranged the coins across the floor, used a grout to fill in any gaps between the coins and then added a clear sealant to the top to create a funky floor. Whether renovating your kitchen, bathroom or even your entryway, there are various ways you can save on tile.