4 Great Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation


We all know that employee appreciation pays off, but it can be hard to determine the ‘right’ way to show your employees that you really do appreciate their hard work. Do you dedicate a whole day for employee appreciation? Do you incorporate the family or just employees? Here are a few ideas to help you show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Everyday Opportunities:

From offering gourmet coffees and pastries, powder and changing rooms in the bathrooms, and lounge rooms rather than the standard break room, you can show your employees how important they are to you and your business every day. Offering everyday comforts and luxuries makes your employees feel lucky to work there. They will know that they’re well cared for.

Celebrating Holidays: 

Celebrating holidays with your employees not only builds loyalty and retention among your employees, it can be a great way to recoup costs from other events. Putting up great items for raffles around Christmas, fireworks basket near the Fourth, and lotto and food baskets during smaller holidays keep your employees happy while earning you a little extra cash. This also helps to turn your work force into a family.

Annual Events: 

Having regular annual events is a great way to show your employees that you genuinely appreciate them. A summer weekend can change how your employees see you. Taking them and their families to an events center, game room, baseball game, or water park is a fun way to stay cool while earning employee loyalty. Even if times get tough, employees will remember the yearly events that your company hosts.

Employee Appreciation Day: 

In the US, Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday in March. While employees may joke that they should just get the day off with pay, the truth is that you should aim for a small party. A cake per department, some free drinks, and a catered lunch should be more than ample to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Sending out emails, memos, or letters complements this gesture well.

There are many ways, free, cheap, and on the pricey side, to show your employees how much you appreciate the work that they do. Focus on fun, relaxation, and incorporation in whatever you choose to do. You want to make them feel like an old friend. From Halloween contests to potlucks, find what works for your business and your employees!