4 Best Sword Designs of 2016


A sword is a long-bladed weapon that has a handle and often a hilt and is designed to stab, slice, or hew. A weapon is an instrument of defense or attack in hunting or combat, such as swords, guns and missiles.

Western sword design diverged into mostly two forms, the thrusting swords and the sabers. Lunging and thrusting with a straight, long, and yet well balanced and highly maneuverable design impaled the sword quickly and inflicted deep stab wounds, often deadly in just seconds.

Amazingly, some swords are still used today, usually as a side arm weapon for military infantry in Japan, India, and other areas of Asia.

Historical Swords

Swords have been the weapon of choice of many great leaders throughout time, and numerous ones have lasted through the centuries and are on display in prominent locations such as:

General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s Samurai sword was surrendered, along with his army, on September 2, 1945. General MacArthur gave the sword to the West Point Military Museum where it remains today.

A cherished possession of José de San Martín was a curved maneuverable sword that he felt was ideal for battle, so he armed his cavalries with similar weapons. In 1896 his sword ended up at the National Historical Museum in Buenos Aires. Stolen twice in the 1960s, the museum built a gazebo to protect the prized artifact.

Tizona is a cherished Spanish relic with a manufactory date of 1002. It was the sword used by El Cid to fight the Moors. His Tizona sword is on display at the Museo de Burgos in Spain.

The Sword of Mercy is a famous weapon that once belonged to Edward the Confessor. one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England who ruled from 1042 to 1066. This sword is part of the United Kingdom’s Crown Jewels and is one of five swords used during the coronation of a British monarch when the monarch also wields the sword to bestow knighthood.

4 Best Sword Designs

1. Sword Replicas

Replicas of swords didn’t originate until the 19th century, and today you can find everything from cheap look-alikes to spectacular recreations of extraordinary historical specimens. Sketches and pictures become extremely helpful during the designing of a full-size rendering. After final approval, the sword goes into careful production that takes many weeks and is placed into a special crate along with a certificate of authenticity before being sent to you.

2. Viking Swords

The Vikings were the most feared of the fierce warriors. They would fight with a shield and a long sturdy blade with short guards and a lobed pommel. You can purchase Viking swords with stainless sharpened steel blades, a metal guard, and suede wrapping on the handle and the wooden scabbard.

3. Conan the Barbarian Sword

An officially licensed Conan Valeria sword is an exact replica of the one used in the movies and is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. The blade is hand forged and tempered high carbon steel, the pommel and guard are made of solid bronze, and the handle is brown leather wrapped.

4. Damascus Han Dynasty Sword

With a hand forged and sharpened high carbon steel blade, this Chinese collector sword has an outstanding Damascus pattern including an engraved dragon and Chinese characters plus a dragon on its pommel. The Palisander wood saya has a silk wrap. It comes with a special box and a sword guide.